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Judicial Affairs Office

5 Rope Ferry Road, Room 203
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3482
Fax: (603)646-0421
Hinman Box 6020
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Parent Resources

The Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office is available to parents or guardians who have questions or concerns about Dartmouth's disciplinary system. Information about policies, sanctions and academic actions can be found on this web site or in the Dartmouth College Student Handbook. The primary resource for issues related to a specific student or a specific case is the student's Undergraduate Dean. The Undergraduate Deans work closely with students and their families throughout the disciplinary process. The Deans are available by e-mail or at the following office numbers:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will parents or guardians be notified if their son or daughter violates college policy?

Parents or guardians are normally notified when a student has been placed on College Discipline, Suspended or Separated from the College. Additionally, parents or guardians of dependent students are normally notified prior to a suspension or separation level disciplinary hearing.  When notified prior to a disciplinary hearing parents or guardians are sent a copy of the UJAO pamphlet, "Committee on Standards - Undergraduate Judicial Procedures at Dartmouth College," which provides an introduction to the College's Committee on Standards process.

What is the role of an advisor within Dartmouth's disciplinary process?

Students are entitled to have a single adviser present at his or her hearing and must identify his or her adviser to the UJAO in writing. Only currently enrolled Dartmouth students, members of the Dartmouth faculty, and members of the Dartmouth administration may serve as advisers. While students are free to confer with parents or guardians, friends and others, they should understand that they themselves are responsible for responding to allegations and questions at the hearing. Advisers are permitted to address the COS only at the discretion of the Chair.

What will it mean if my son or daughter is suspended?

A student may be suspended for misconduct found to be sufficiently serious to warrant removal from the College community. Students suspended from the College must leave campus within 48 hours. Students who are suspended are not allowed to come back to campus unless they have prior permission from a dean. They may not participate in College academic or extracurricular activities; may not remain in College or coed, fraternity, sorority housing; and may not progress toward completion of their Dartmouth degree by taking courses at other institutions while under suspension. Readmission following suspension is not automatic and must be by application to the First-year or Office of the Class Deans.

Suspension is recorded in the student's file in the Office of the Dean of the College and temporarily on the student's transcript, only during the period of suspension. Notice will normally be sent to parents or guardians.

What is the COS?

The College's Committee on Standards (COS) hears cases involving undergraduates concerning violations of the Academic Honor Principle and the Standards of Conduct, cases involving academic standing and requirements, and cases involving appeals of certain registrarial actions. The COS is comprised of faculty, administrators, and elected and appointed upperclass students.

Can parents or guardians be present at the hearing?

No, parents or guardians cannot attend hearings.

How can parents or guardians help during the judicial process?

Students can benefit from the support of parents or guardians as they go through a hearing. Parents or guardians should try to be familiar with the College disciplinary system and to direct students to the appropriate resources, to include those found on this web site or in the Dartmouth College Student Handbook. Along with the Deans and the UJAO, the Counseling and Human Development Office offers services that many students find helpful.

Last Updated: 1/20/10