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Judicial Affairs Office

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Dartmouth College
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Requests for Review

Requests for Review 

Students who receive a letter of reprimand or are placed on College probation in a minor misconduct case may request that a COS Chair review the outcome. Complainants in COS cases and students sanctioned by the COS or by the COS chair following a one-on-one hearing may request that the Dean of the College review the outcome.

Requests for review may be made only on the basis of one or more of the following grounds:

1. procedural error which has materially prejudiced the student’s case;

2. newly discovered information which, had it been available at the time of the hearing, would likely have affected the outcome either with regard to a finding of responsibility or with regard to the sanction imposed (if the information was not reasonably available to the student at the time of the proceeding). The reviewing dean has the sole discretion to determine whether either of these standards for review have been met. A request for review must be in writing and must set forth in reasonable detail the grounds for review, and must have attached to it any materials the student wishes to have considered in his or her request. The request, with all accompanying materials, must be submitted by the student within seven (7) days of the date of the written decision in his or her case.

Following review, the Dean may uphold the original decision, adjust the sanction as the Dean deems appropriate, or refer the matter back to the Dean or the COS panel that heard the case for further consideration.

2009-2010 Student Handbook

Last Updated: 5/28/14