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Judicial Affairs Office

5 Rope Ferry Road, Room 203
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3482
Fax: (603)646-0421
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COS Hearings

COS Hearings

The UJAO will be responsible for providing to the COS all relevant material relating to cases which come before it. In all Academic Honor Principle and Standards of Conduct cases referred to the COS, the COS will conduct a hearing in accordance with the procedures set forth in Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities. Where, after a hearing, the COS finds a student responsible for one or more violations, it will then recommend a sanction to the Chair, who will determine the sanction after consideration of the recommendation. If the Chair disagrees with the recommended sanction and the issue of sanction cannot be resolved within the COS, a designated Aribtrator will be called.  If the designated Arbitrator cannot serve, the next ranked alternate shall serve. The President, with the advice of the Committee Advisory to the President (CAP), shall annually appoint an Arbitrator and two ranked Alternate Arbitrators at the last meeting of the CAP in each academic year.

When an Arbitrator is called in, his/her authority shall be limited to choosing between the sanctions presented by the COS and the Chair. In making this choice, the Arbitrator shall consider such portions of the record as he or she deems appropriate and may consult with the COS, the Chair, and such other participants in the hearing as he or she deems appropriate. If the COS and the Chair reach agreement on sanction at any time before the Arbitrator renders his or her decision, the Arbitrator shall withdraw from the case and render no decision. Students sanctioned by the COS and complainants in COS cases may request review by the Dean of the College according to procedures set forth in this Handbook.

Consideration of Prior Record

In all Academic Honor Principle and Standards of Conduct cases before the COS or a Dean, upon a determination of responsibility, a student's Dean's Office file (which the student may also review in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) may be considered for purposes of imposing an appropriate penalty. Additionally, the COS or Dean, in imposing a penalty, may consider the penalties imposed at the College in other cases. Where the COS recommends penalty, the Chair shall have discretion to determine the appropriate form and manner of presentation of information to the COS concerning both the individual student's record and the disposition of other behavior cases that may be helpful in formulating a penalty recommendation.

Disclosure of Decision

The UJAO will promptly notify students of outcomes of individual hearings. Decisions of the COS and the hearing officers may be revealed to authorized College personnel, to the accused student, and, in appropriate circumstances authorized by law, to the accused student’s parents or guardian and the victim/complainant. The COS or the hearing officer may choose to comment publicly, in writing or otherwise, regarding the decision reached if, in the judgment of the COS or that hearing officer, the best interest of the community would be served by such a disclosure. If possible and appropriate, the anonymity of the student(s) involved will be protected.

Last Updated: 9/2/10