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Judicial Affairs Office

5 Rope Ferry Road, Room 203
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3482
Fax: (603)646-0421
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Academic Action

In acting upon matters of unsatisfactory scholarship, the COS has delegated to Office of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs the responsibility to automatically take action according to the table and notes below:

Standing at the Time of Action Grade(s) Academic Actions Action After Academic Suspension
and Return to Satisfactory Standing
Satisfactory Standing D Risk Probation*
Satisfactory Standing E, DD Warning Probation
Satisfactory Standing DDD Probation Separation
Satisfactory Standing DE Probation Separation
Satisfactory Standing EE Suspension Separation
Satisfactory Standing EDD, EED, EEE Suspension Separation
Risk (D) D Warning N/A
Risk (D) E, DD Probation N/A
Risk (D) DDD, DE, EE Suspension N/A
Warning (E, DD) D Probation N/A
Warning (E, DD) E, DD Suspension N/A
Probation (DE, DDD) D, DD, DE, E, EE Suspension Separation


*A student who was Suspended without being put on Probation will be put on Probation if the student's academic performance merits Warning or Risk. Students who have already been put on Probation will be Suspended and students who have already been Suspended will be Separated. 


  • Any aggregate of two failures or four unsatisfactory grades or a combination thereof in successive terms results in Suspension.
  • After receiving three Risk notices, any failing or unsatisfactory grade in any subsequent term will result in Probation (unless the student is otherwise liable for Suspension or Separation). Any Risk notice received at any term after a term of Probation as described in the preceding sentence results in Suspension. If a student's record at any time warrants a third Warning notice, the student will be placed on Probation.
  • A student who warrants a Probation notice for a second time is placed on Suspension.
  • A student who warrants Suspension (including Withdrawal with Prejudice) for a second time is Separated.
  • For the purpose of academic actions, a final standing of NC in any course shall be treated as a grade of E.

Requests for Reconsideration

Students suspended or separated from the College for unsatisfactory academic performance may request that the COS reconsider its action by submitting to the Chair, in writing, any evidence of extenuating circumstances which would warrant a change in the COS action. A student's written request for reconsideration should be directed to the Committee on Standards and must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs who sets a deadline at the end of each term. Students who intend to request such reconsideration must notify the Director of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office within 48 hours of their notification of suspension or separation. They must submit the written statement by the first day of the succeeding term. Suspension and separation decisions are reconsidered by a COS academic action panel. Questions about the Request for Reconsideration process should be directed to a student's class dean or to the Director of Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office.

Last Updated: 12/13/11