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Symposium FAQ

What is the mission of the symposium?

Dartmouth places high value on undergraduates' involvement in inquiry-based research as part of their overall education. Faculty, graduate students, campus administrators, undergraduates, friends and family gather to hear about cutting edge research from the invited keynote speaker and to interact with the student researchers about their work. High school science teachers are also invited to bring their students to expand their educational horizons and aspirations.

What is a poster session?

Poster presentations are a common feature of many scientific meetings as this format allows a maximal number of researchers to present their work and get feedback from the scientific community. Posters are designed by individual researchers or research groups to illustrate their research projects. During the Wetterhahn poster session, student presenters stand beside their posters to explain and/or answer questions about their research to symposium attendees.

Who is eligible to participate in the poster session?

Any undergraduate who has conducted research in the sciences over the past year is invited to present a poster at the symposium. Participants include students who are part of organized programs (like WISP and Sophomore Science Scholars) as well as students who are doing research in other formats. Students doing research individually or as part of a group are eligible to participate, as are students conducting research at Thayer or Geisel. Poster presentations may involve projects that are complete, in progress, or even in the beginning stages.

Why would students want to participate in the poster session?

Preparing a scientific poster provides students with an opportunity to communicate their research and add to their skill set, particularly if they intend to continue on in the sciences. Developing and presenting a poster is one of the best ways to summarize complex concepts and reduce a project to its key elements. This experience can also be added to student resumes!

Do students have to pay for poster printing?

For students who received funding through WISP or the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Research for the research they present at the symposium, there will be NO COST for poster printing. Be sure to contact WISP or UGAR about funding before printing the poster.

How are faculty involved in the symposium?

Faculty  may encourage any of their undergraduate researchers to present a poster at the symposium and then guide their students through the process of designing an effective poster.  Developing aspiring students into the next generation of professional scientists includes guiding them on how to effectively communicate their work to their peers and to the wider public.  The informal mixing of faculty, post docs and graduate students with undergraduates during the poster session is an excellent opportunity for modeling behaviors around networking and communicating science.  We encourage faculty and research colleagues to support Dartmouth's talented undergraduate researchers by attending the symposium and talking with a broad range of students during the poster session.

Last Updated: 4/7/15