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Applying for the Sophomore or Junior Scholars Program

Application Process

You will need to self-enroll in the Sophomore & Junior Scholars Application blackboard site to access the instructions and on-line application form:
  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. On your home page, locate the "Tools" box on the left
  3. Click on "organization directory"
  4. Search for "Sophomore & Junior Scholars Application"
  5. Click on the arrow next to the listing and select "enroll"
  6. After you do this, "Sophomore & Junior Scholars Application" should appear on your Blackboard home page in the box labeled "my organizations" (not the same box as "my courses")


  1. If you see the words "my organizations" but nothing appears below, click on the small rectangular icon on the far right of the bar that says "my organizations" to expand the list
  2. If you do not see the words "my organization, click on "personalize page" at the top right corner of your blackboard homepage and add a column for "my organizations"
  3. Still having problems?  Send a blitz to "undergraduate research"

Additional notes:

  1. Once you self-enroll, you will not be able to un-enroll on your own.  All users will be unenrolled at the end of each academic term.
  2. We are unable to confirm receipt of application materials.  Students with missing materials will be contacted individually after the application deadline.

Application Checklist

  • On Blackboard, click on the link for the appropriate program's application information, and follow the instructions
  • Submit the online application form (includes project proposal)
  • Confirmation from faculty research advisor (requested when the online application is completed, and submitted by the advisor via online system)
  • Request an UNOFFICIAL electronic transcript through BannerStudent (more information available on Blackboard)
  • Consult with your faculty research advisor to determine whether your project needs to be reviewed by the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

Last Updated: 4/9/14