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Undergraduate Advising and Research
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Junior Research Scholarships

The program provides juniors with the opportunity to work on a research project in close collaboration with a Dartmouth faculty mentor. Funding for the program is provided by multiple sources, including gifts from Dartmouth alumni.

Frequently asked questions:

Application Deadlines

Class of 2019

  • Next due date: May 23, 2017 for Summer '17 research projects
  • Applications are due no later than one week before the last day of class in each term for research beginning in the following term.  Funding is not awarded retroactively or for research in the same term as the application deadline.  Applications are also not accepted more than one term before the term of research (that is, if you are applying for fall term research, your application must be submitted in summer term).


  • Stipend of $850 per term (for 7-12 hours of work per week) for one or two terms during junior year.
  • Stipends are paid at the end of each term, contingent on confirmation of completion by the student and the faculty mentor.

Program Description

  • Students conduct part-time research (7-12 hours per week) with a faculty mentor
    • This program is for residence term research only. Students interested in leave term research should apply for a research grant.
    • Research scholarships are either one or two terms in length, as per agreement between the student and faculty mentor.
  • Research scholarships take place during the junior year (students may begin applying in the spring of their sophomore year).
    • Scholarships may begin as early "sophomore summer" and must end no later than spring of junior year. 
  • Students can work as research assistants on a faculty project or generate an independent research project and conduct the research with a faculty mentor.
  • Note that this is a competitive program and not all students who submit applications will be selected for the program
    • Applications are judged on a variety of factors including: demonstrated interest in science, grades in science courses, description of the project and student's role, and the relationship of the research to the student's academic and career goals.
  • Ownership of intellectual property created by students as part of their research through the program shall be determined in accordance with the patent and copyright policies of Dartmouth College.
  • Students engaged in research that has a computational component might also consider the Neukom Scholars program.


  • Research may be in any academic discipline.
  • Research mentors must have a faculty appointment at the college or professional schools (Tuck, Thayer, Geisel).
  • Students are eligible for one Junior Research Scholarship per year (that is, one or two terms with the same faculty mentor).
  • Students may not participate in other research programs in the same terms as they are engaging in research for this program (e.g. Neukom Scholars).
  • Students who have participated in the Presidential Scholars program are not eligible to participate in the Junior Research Scholars program.
  • Students may not receive wages and the Scholars stipend for the same hours they work on the project. The Scholars program requires a 7-12 hour per week commitment.
  • Students may not receive academic credit (e.g. enroll in an independent study) for the research they are conducting as part of the Junior Research Scholars program. 

Click HERE for instructions on how to apply for the Junior Research Program


Last Updated: 3/3/17