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Third Meeting: Things to Cover

Course Election for Spring Term and D-Plan

Note that many of your advisees may at this point not feel the need to meet with you. It is appropriate to make yourself available if they do.

Pre-Meeting Blitz

  • Blitz your advisees to let know that you will be available for a meeting.
  • Instruct them to fill out the Advising Questionnaire online before their appointment with you.
  • Remind advisees that those who have not yet fulfilled their First-Year Seminar requirement must register their choices online through bannerstudent.
  • Remind them that one of the things you will be discussing is their D-Plan, which they will have to register by April 11.  Invite them to begin thinking about what term they want to take off and what they might do with it.  (Download the D-Plan Worksheet)

Things to Cover

  • Course election for Spring term, including alternate schedules for capped courses.  Students may be reassessing their academic goals. It is appropriate to begin to build course selection on new or developing interests. It may also be appropriate to broach the question of major study.
  • Summer plans.  Some options and opportunities to inform your advisee about include:
  • D-Plan.  Ask advisee to articulate what his or her current thinking is about his/her D-Plan: When s/he is planning on taking the off term?  What his/her goals are for the off term?  How s/he might integrate this opportunity with his/her academic goals?  What will his/her overall schedule look like if doing an off-campus program?

First-Year students must submit their enrollment pattern (D-Plan) by April 11.   Let them know that they are not locked into this schedule.

Encourage students to make use of Career Services early on to find an internship. Also, many departments and offices sponsor internships and offer competitive grants to support students during their off-terms, including the Dean of Faculty, the Dickey Center, the Ethics Institute, Outdoor Programs, the Rockefeller Center, and the Tucker Foundation.
(See Sources of Funding for Undergraduate Research)

Remind students that they are not locked into their initial selections for the first two weeks.  They can drop or add any class freely until March 30. They can add a course with the permission of instructor until April 6. They can drop a third course without penalty until April 6. A fourth course dropped AFTER April 6 will exhaust one of the three eligibilities for taking a fourth course without extra tuition.  They can drop a fourth course without penalty until May 2.

Last Updated: 9/5/13