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Second Meeting: Things to Cover

Course Election for Winter Term

Pre-Meeting Blitz

  • Blitz your advisees to let them know that you will be available for a meeting.
  • Instruct them to fill out the “Advising Questionnaire” online before their appointment with you.
  • Remind advisees that they (probably) have to register their choice for either a Writing 5 section or first-year seminar online through course election in Bannerstudent as well. (This will not apply to those students continuing in the Writing 2-3 sequence [with Writing 3].)

Things to Cover

  • Suitability of fall term courses.
  • Course election for Winter term, including alternate schedules for capped courses.
  • Plans for language requirements.  Most LSA (and FSP) application deadlines are Feb. 1, 2014 (for programs taking place in 2014-2015).  Your advisee should have a clear plan about how s/he is going to fulfill the language requirement.
  • Encourage your advisee to think of fulfilling Distributive Requirements as a mechanism of exploration.
  • Reference Letters: Discuss the fact that every student is going to have to ask members of the faculty for reference letters at some point (perhaps as early as winter term, when applying for Off-Campus Programs or summer internships).  Have they had any one-on-one conversations with their professors? Are they using office hours?

Remind students that they are not locked into their initial selections for the first two weeks.  They can drop or add any class freely until January 12. They can add a course with the permission of instructor until January 20. They can drop a third course without penalty until January 20. A fourth course dropped AFTER Jan. 20 will exhaust one of the three eligibilities for taking a fourth course without extra tuition.  They can drop a fourth course without penalty until February 18.

Last Updated: 9/5/13