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General Principles

A few principles for advising and scheduling courses in the sciences:

  • Math 3 and the general chemistry sequence (Chemistry 5 [or 8-9]-6 or 2-5-6) should be completed by the end of the first year, particularly for pre-health students who want to keep open the option of applying to medical or other health-professions schools during the junior year.  Thus, a student with placement into Chemistry 2 who wishes to complete this sequence in the first year must take the 2-5-6 sequence
  • Students can begin the study of Biology with Biology 2, Biology/Chemistry 8, Biology 11 or one of the "foundation courses" (numbered 12-16). A student considering a Biology Major should consider taking Biology 11 or Biology 8-9 and at least one other biology foundation course during the first year.
  • The biology foundation courses (Biology 12-16) can be taken in any order.
  • Math 3 (or Math 1-2) is the prerequisite for both the physics sequence (Physics 3-4, or 13-14), and for the general chemistry sequence (Chemistry 2-5-6 or 5[or 8-9]-6).
  • Students should be cautioned against taking two lab courses in the fall of the first year.

Last Updated: 9/4/13