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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Exemption v. credit in the Placement Record

An exemption (EX) means the student is exempt from the course listed. A placement (PLC) means that the student is placed into the course listed. A student is not required to take a course s/he is placed into (except for the Writing 2-3 or 5, or the first-year seminar).

Pre-Matriculation Credits and Graduation Requirements

Pre-matriculation credits (“CR”s on the placement record) can count towards the total number of courses needed for a student to graduate (35).

No pre-matriculation credit (advanced placement, IB, etc) or pre-matriculation transfer credit from another institution can be used to fulfill a Distributive or World Culture Requirement.

PE requirement (in light of participation in varsity and club sports)

Students are required to complete 3 PE credits for graduation.  These are in addition to the 35 academic course credits needed to graduate.  Students who participate in an intercollegiate or club sport may receive credit for that activity during the term in which they participate. A maximum of two credits can be earned in this manner.

Exchange credits

There are two ways to get post-matriculation credit for courses taken at other institutions:

    1. Participating in one of the 12-College Exchange programs Administered by the Off-Campus Programs Office
    2. Acquiring prior approval from the Registrar's Office for a course taken at another institution.  A student must receive approval from the Registrar’s Office by the first day of the preceding term.  Thus, if a student wants to request credit for a course they would take in the Summer, they must begin the process during the Winter term.

The Registrar’s office determines the applicability of transfer credits.  A student can transfer up to four credits towards their Dartmouth degree.

Language Placement Exams

A student who missed the language placement exam should contact the relevant department to see what his/her options are. Many departments will do placement exams later in the year. The full pre-orientation/orientation placement exam schedule can be found on the Orientation website:

Last Updated: 9/26/13