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The NRO (Non-Recording Option)

Students have the ability to elect to “NRO” a course. This means that they select a letter grade, which they would accept as a minimum acceptable grade.

If a student should earn less than this grade but higher than an “E”, then “NR” will appear on his/her transcript and the grade will not be factored into his/her GPA.

If a student should achieve his/her minimum grade or higher, that grade will appear on their transcript and will be factored into the GPA.

If a student should fail the course, an “E” will appear on the transcript and be factored into the GPA.

A student may have up to three “NR” grades on a transcript, but only one per term.  If a student elects to NRO a course, but then receives a letter grade, that student has not used up one of the three available to him/her.  (Note that some students will use this as a way to protect the GPA – this is not what was intended by this provision.)

Some classes are off-limits for the Non-Recording Option.  These are listed online each term under a link entitled “Non-Recording Option and Credit/No Credit Courses” on the first page of the Timetable of Class Meetings.

A course in which a student receives an NR cannot be applied to the Language Requirement, Distributive or World Culture Requirements, or to the major requirements.

The NR is irrevocable.  A student who discovers that a course for which they received an “NR” would help towards, say, a major cannot have the NR replaced with the earned grade.

If a student earns a “D” and receives an “NR” on their transcript, the D will not be counted in the GPA but it will be counted towards calculations for Academic Actions, etc.

For more information on the NRO option see the ORC.

Last Updated: 12/10/08