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First-Year Advising Program Overview

The aim of the first-year advising program is to help first-year students navigate Dartmouth College and make informed and reflective decisions about the beginning of what is, for each student, an individualized curriculum.  Each incoming first-year student is paired with a member of the faculty who will serve as that student’s faculty advisor during their first year. Generally, faculty advisors have between four and six advisees.

There are three times during the year when it is a good time to meet with your advisees: prior to the start of Fall term, during the Fall term to plan Winter classes, and then during the Winter term to choose Spring classes and discuss the D-Plan. Advisors are encouraged to accommodate the (reasonable) needs of their advisees.

Advisors can help students plan their schedule, make sure they understand how the timetable of classes works, make sure that they are in the right Math (or whatever) class. Often the best thing advisors can do is ask appropriate and probing questions.  The question "why" is often a good starter.

Last Updated: 9/4/13