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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.3690
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The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Basic Information

  • The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric oversees writing instruction at Dartmouth, and administers Writing 2, 3 and 5, as well as the first-year seminars.
  • The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric also offers upper-level courses in writing and rhetoric, including public speaking and speechwriting.
  • Dartmouth's first-year writing courses prepare students to engage fully with their intellectual work in every discipline. In order to provide a solid foundation for that work, Dartmouth requires first-year students to take Writing 5 (or its two-term equivalent Writing 2-3) and a first-year seminar.  Humanities 1-2 may be taken as another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement.
  • Students who complete the Writing 2-3 placement process and choose to take Writing 2-3 will be preregistered for Writing 2 when they arrive on campus in the fall. Students who take the Writing 2-3 sequence take their first-year seminar in the spring term.
  • Students taking Writing 5 are assigned to take the course in either the fall or the winter; this assignment cannot be changed. Information about when a student is scheduled to take Writing 5 appears in the online student placement record visible to students and their advisors just prior to fall course registration. Students taking Writing 5 in the fall will register for Writing 5 when they register for their other fall courses.  See our website for further information about placement and registration:

Courses for the Interested First-Year Student

  • Writing Courses
    • WRIT 2-3 (fall-winter sequence, based on placement)
    • WRIT 5 (fall or winter, based on placement)
    • First-year seminar (department courses numbered 7; winter or spring. WRIT 5 or 2-3 is prerequisite)
    • HUM 1-2
    • WRIT 41: Writing and Speaking Public Policy (spring, PBPL 5 is prerequisite)
    • WRIT 42: The Art of Science Writing (spring, WRIT 5 or 2-3 is prerequisite)
    • WRIT 43 The Written Judicial Opinion (spring, WRIT 5 or 2-3 is prerequisite)
  • Speech Courses
    • SPEE 20: Public Speaking (fall, winter, spring)
    • SPEE 25: Persuasive Public Speaking (spring)
    • SPEE 31: Rhetoric of Social Justice (fall)
    • SPEE 35: Rhetorics of Race (winter)

Other Information

  • The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric offers student support services through RWIT (The Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology).

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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