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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
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Women's and Gender Studies Program (WGST)

Basic Structure of the Program

  • WGST is an interdisciplinary program that draws from humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  • WGST offers a major and a minor. The WGST major can be modified, and WGST can also be part of a modified major.
  • Most courses are cross-listed with other departments.  The program's core courses are not cross-listed. These are: WGST 10 (Sex, Gender and Society), WGST 15 (Roots of Feminism), WGST 16 (Contemporary Issues in Feminism), WGST 80 (Advanced Seminar).
  • WGST 10 (Sex, Gender and Society) serves as the introduction to the field.  It is offered fall, winter and summer terms. Ten places in each section of WGST 10 are held for first-year students in the fall term.
  • WGST, in conjunction with AMES, offers a Foreign Study Program at the University of Hyderabad, India, each winter term. Students must apply for this program – see the Off-Campus Programs web site for a description, instructions, and application forms.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in WGST

  • WGST 10 (Sex, Gender and Society) offered in fall, winter and summer terms, is the recommended introductory course, and is a prerequisite for the major or minor program.
  • WGST 15 (Roots of Feminism: Texts and Contexts), and WGST 16 (Contemporary Issues in Feminism: Theory and Practice), and WGST 80 (Feminist Theory and Methodology) are each offered only once a year, but are requirements for both the major and minor.  Given the D-plan and off-campus study options, a student is encouraged to plan ahead.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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