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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.3690
Fax:  603.646.8190


Basic Structure of the Department

  • The department offers a major, minor, or modified major.
  • Within the major or minor, students may concentrate in acting, directing, dance, design, technical production, playwriting, stage management, or theater history and criticism.
  • Theater courses fall into two categories: 1) history/literature/criticism and 2) production/performance.
  • The department annually stages about 16 productions a year, which provide opportunities for students on-stage and backstage.
  • The department sponsors a Foreign Study Program every summer term to London in partnership with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, one of the world's leading theater conservatories.  It also involves weekly performance attendance and seminars.  See the Off-Campus Programs office for information (including prerequisites and required courses) and application.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in Theater

  • The Theater Major comprises a balance of history/literature/criticism courses and production/performance courses. Though many of our courses have no prerequisites and are open to all students, we encourage first-year students to take at least one of the following courses during their first year, depending on their area of interest:
  • THEA 1: Introduction to Theater
  • THEA 15: Theater and Society I: Classical and Medieval Performance
  • THEA 30: Acting 1
  • THEA 40: Technical Production

Other Information

  • Students interested in theater, either as a course of study or as an extra-curricular activity, are encouraged to get involved in a production. There are hundreds of opportunities each year, on-stage and off, with time commitments ranging from one-day to more than six weeks (for a mainstage production). Participation is open to all students. Interested students should monitor the Theater Department website and the bulletin board in "Shakespeare Alley" – the Theater department hallway in the Hop, or speak with Maggie Devine-Sullivan in the Theater department office.
  • It is possible to take up to four dance courses for academic credit. Students may apply the dance courses to an area of concentration for the Theater Major and Minor.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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