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Native American Studies Program

Basic Structure of the Program

  • Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that studies cultures, literature, history, politics and contemporary issues.
  • The program offers courses cross-listed with anthropology, history, English, government, and other disciplines, as well as courses for NAS credit only.
  • Many courses in NAS are open to all classes with few or no prerequisites.
  • NAS offers both a major and a minor, and can be part of a modified major.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore Native American Studies

  • NAS 8: Perspectives in Native American Studies
  • NAS 10: Peoples and Cultures of Native North America (=ANTH 4)
  • NAS 14: The Invasion of America: American Indian History Pre-Contact to 1830 (=HIST 14)
  • NAS 16: 20th Century Native American History (=HIST 39)
  • NAS 25: Indian Country Today
  • NAS 35:  Native American Literature (=ENGL 45)

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans to Pursue the Major or Minor

  • The prerequisite course for the major or minor is NAS 8.  Students should consult the ORC for further course requirements.

Other Information

  • Students considering a major or minor in NAS should make an appointment to meet with the chair of NAS,  Professor N. Bruce Duthu (N.Bruce.Duthu@Dartmouth.EDU). The major and minor are fairly flexible and can accommodate many issues that arise for students who are double majoring or have a complicated D-Plan.
  • Students who major or minor in NAS are eligible for funding from the program to support related independent research projects or internship opportunities working on behalf of Native communities and interests.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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