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Hanover, NH
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Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Basic Structure of the Program

  • The program offers two different majors: the Linguistics Major and the Cognitive Science Major.
  • A prerequisite for the Linguistics Major is solid competency in a foreign language.
  • The Cognitive Science Major brings together courses from computer science, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and biology that deal with issues in information processing and the mind/brain.  Most courses for the Cognitive Science Major are taken in those departments.
  • Linguistics 1(Introductory Linguistics) is the entrĂ©e into the Linguistics Major.
  • Cognitive Science 2 (Cognition) is a prerequisite to the Cognitive Science Major, though it is not prerequisite to most major courses.
  • Linguistics and Cognitive Science jointly sponsors an FSP to New Zealand with the Anthropology department in the winter term.  Prerequisites include LING 1 and one other linguistics course in the 20s.  LING 35 (Field Methods) is strongly recommended.  Those concentrating on linguistics on the FSP will take a course on the Maori language while in New Zealand.  See the Off-Campus Programs office for information and application.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore Linguistics and Cognitive Science

  • Linguistics
    • LING 1: Introductory Linguistics
    • LING 10: Language Acquisition
    • LING 11: Topics in Linguistics (topics vary)
    • LING 17: Sociolinguistics
    • LING 18: History of the English Language (=ENGL 47)
  • Cognitive Science
    • COGS 2: Cognition (=PSYC 28, PSYC 1 or COSC 1 is prerequisite)
    • PHIL 26: Philosophy and Computers
    • PSYC 40: Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in Linguistics

  • LING 1 (Introductory Linguistics) is the best introduction to the field of linguistics, and is a prerequisite for the major.
  • Solid competency in a foreign language is also a prerequisite for the major.  This requirement may be met by taking two courses in a language beyond the first-year level.
  • Linguistics majors are encouraged to study a second language not closely related to the first.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in Cognitive Science

  • COGS 2 (Cognition, =PSYC 28), is a prerequisite to the major.
  • COSC 1 (Introduction to Programming and Computation) is a core course in the major curriculum.
  • COGS 26 (Philosophy and Computers, = PHIL 26) is also a core course in the major curriculum, and is offered without prerequisites.
  • PSYC 10 (Experimental Design, Methodology and Data Analysis Procedures), is also a prerequisite for the major.
  • Because this is a smaller program, courses are offered with less frequency and thus students must plan ahead carefully.   Exceptions may be allowed, particularly to accommodate conflicts necessitated by the D-Plan.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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