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Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies (LALACS)

Basic Structure of the Program

  • LALACS is an interdisciplinary program that combines LACS (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) and LATS (Latino Studies).
  • A student can major or minor in LACS/LATS or modify another major with LACS/LATS.
  • LALACS has associated and/or cross-listed courses with the following departments: Spanish and Portuguese, African and African American studies, French and Italian, history, anthropology, sociology, environmental studies, art history, English, geography, theater, and government.
  • To major or minor, LALACS requires basic competency in either Spanish or Portuguese (the equivalent of either SPAN 3 or PORT 3). Students are strongly recommended to study a second language (Spanish, Portuguese, or French) and are encouraged to participate in foreign study. See information below about FSP and LSA programs sponsored by the Spanish, Portuguese and French departments.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in LALACS

  • The following introductory core-courses are open to first-year students (two are required for the major or minor):
    • LACS 1: Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean
    • LACS 4: History, Culture, and Society: The Many Faces of Latin America (AAAS 16)
    • LATS 3: Introduction to Latino Studies
  • Interested students should feel free to contact the Chair of the LALACS Program, Professor Lisa Baldez, for further information.

Other Information about Courses and Considerations

  • Students should have a clear plan for fulfilling the Language Requirement and/or applying for one of the off-campus programs.
  • The Portuguese FSP and LSA run in the summer. The Spanish FSP to Buenos Aires runs in the spring. The Spanish LSA to Barcelona runs fall, winter, and spring. The Spanish LSA to Puebla, Mexico, runs winter and spring. The French FSP to Paris runs in the fall, winter and spring. The French LSA to Lyon runs fall, winter, and spring. The French LSA+ to Toulouse runs winter and spring.
Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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