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Jewish Studies Program

Basic Structure of the Program

  • The Jewish Studies Program offers a minor, and can also be used in conjunction with, or in modification of another major (for instance, History modified with Jewish Studies).
  • Jewish studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws on courses in religion, history, art history, German studies, women’s and gender studies, Asian and Middle Eastern languages and literatures, as well as sponsoring its own courses.
  • Courses in Jewish studies are divided into three basic categories – history, religion, and literature. A student who minors in Jewish studies will ultimately take at least one course in each area (six courses total are required for the minor).
  • Many courses in Jewish studies are small and are conducted as seminars.
  • Hebrew is recommended but not required of the minor.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore Jewish Studies

  • JWST 4: Religions of Israel: The Hebrew Bible
  • JWST 6: Introduction to Judaism
  • JWST 10: History and Culture of the Jews: The Classical Period
  • JWST 11: History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period

Information for the First-Year Student who Plans on Pursuing Jewish Studies

  • JWST 4 (Religions of Israel: The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, = REL 4), or JWST 6 (Introduction to Judaism, = REL 6) fulfills the introductory course requirement for the minor.
  • Hebrew is recommended. Hebrew is offered through the AMELL curriculum (Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literature). The introductory sequence is HEBR 1-2-3, and is offered fall-winter-spring. A student intending to begin Hebrew must thus begin in the fall term.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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