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German Studies

Basic Structure of the Department

  • The department offers two majors, a modified major, and a minor.
  • All three majors and the minor enable the student to become proficient in the German language.
  • Major "A" is centered on the study of German literature.
  • Major "B" is centered on the study of German culture and incorporates courses from other disciplines (such as art history, philosophy, etc.).
  • The modified major allows a student to modify the study of German with relevant courses from one other discipline (as opposed to multiple disciplines, as in major "B").
  • GERM 1, 2, and 3 constitute the introductory language sequence (the completion of which fulfills the College's language requirement).
  • GERM 10.00, 10.01, 10.03, and 10.03 are intermediate courses.
  • GERM 7 (first-year seminar), GERM 13, and GERM 42-47 are taught in English and don't have German language prerequisites.
  • GERM 13 is designed for first-year and other students who want to discover whether they are interested in German Studies.
  • The department offers off-campus programs in Berlin, with an FSP in the fall term and an LSA in both the spring and summer terms.  The prerequisite for the LSA is GERM 2.  Prerequisites for the FSP are normally any two courses above GERM 5 (excluding GERM 7, 13, and 42-47, which are in English translation).  See the Off-Campus Programs office for information and an application.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore German Studies

  • Students who want to learn German should begin with the appropriate introductory language course.  Those with prior knowledge of it should take the placement test.
  • GERM 1 and 2 are both offered in all fall, winter, and spring terms; GERM 3 is offered on campus in the fall and spring, as well as on the Berlin LSA in the spring and the summer.
  • GERM 7 (first-year seminar), GERM 13, and GERM 42-47 have no German language prerequisite and are all good choices for students who would like to discover their interest in German Studies, an interdisciplinary field.

Information Relating to Foreign Study

  • The Berlin LSA is designed to follow GERM 1 and 2.  First-year students can already participate in the summer LSA after their first three terms (i.e., during the summer following those terms) as long as they have completed the prerequisite (GERM 2 or equivalent). The Berlin FSP should follow GERM 3 and additional courses, as explained above.
  • Students need not major or minor in German to participate in the Berlin LSA or FSP, and non-majors and non-minors are strongly encouraged to do so.
  • A student doesn't have to have completed the prerequisite classes in order to apply for an LSA or FSP, but must plan to have finished them before leaving for the program.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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