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French and Italian (FRIT)

Basic Structure of the Department

  • The French and Italian department offers several courses of study in French and/or Italian language and literature. For advanced study, students may focus on French literature, Italian literature, French studies, Italian studies, and/or Romance languages (possibly in conjunction with Spanish or Portuguese).
  • Majors include: French Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature, Romance Languages and Literature, French Studies, Italian Studies.
  • The introductory language sequences for both French and Italian are numbered 1, 2 and 3.
  • Students often choose to participate in an LSA in order to complete their Language Requirement. A student does not have to be a major to participate in any of the department's off-campus programs.
  • The department sponsors off-campus programs in French in Lyon (LSA, winter and spring terms), Toulouse (LSA+, winter and spring terms), Paris (FSP, fall, winter and spring terms), and in Italian in Rome (LSA in fall and LSA+ in winter and spring).
  • If a student wants to participate in an LSA or an LSA+, s/he should begin planning to take the appropriate prerequisite courses during the first year.

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in French and/or Italian

  • Placement procedures are listed in the "Explore ENGAGE Excel" booklet posted online at:
  • Prerequisite for the major in French or French Studies is FREN 8. One may either place out of FREN 3 and take FREN 8 directly, or complete the basic language requirement before doing so.
  • ITAL 3 is a prerequisite for an Italian Major, a student should begin at the appropriate place in the introductory sequence (ITAL 1-2-3).

Questions Relating to Foreign Study

  • The Lyon LSA is designed to follow FREN 2 which is the prerequisite for participation in the program.  The prerequisite for the Toulouse LSA+ is FREN 3.  The Paris FSP prerequisites are FREN 8 and 10, which may be taken in any order.
  • The Rome LSA is designed to follow ITAL 2.  The Rome LSA+ prerequisite is ITAL 3.
  • A student must either complete the prerequisite(s) or have placed out of prerequisite class before participating in a FSP/LSA/LSA+.  A student doesn't have to have the prerequisite completed at the time of application to a program.
  • It is often advised that a student complete the last prerequisite course for their chosen FSP or LSA program within six months of going on the program.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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