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Environmental Studies Program

Basic Structure of the Program

  • Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that draws on several disciplines, including biology, economics, geography, government and many others.  (Most of its faculty however, is appointed to the Environmental Studies program.)
  • The program offers an Environmental Studies Major and Minor, an Environmental Science Minor, and a Sustainability Minor.  Other majors can be modified with environmental studies.
  • The Environmental Studies Major and Minor look at how people interact with the natural environment and how environmental change affects society.
  • The Environmental Science Minor focuses on the scientific aspects of how people interact with and interfere with the natural world.
  • Environmental Studies sponsors a Foreign Study Program to southern Africa in the fall.  It is based out of the University of Pretoria, and includes field trips elsewhere in southern Africa.  Prerequisites for the program include ENVS 2 or the equivalent, ENVS 39 or ENVS 65 with permission.  An additional prerequisite is one other course from a list of selected offerings in other departments.  Please consult the ENVS office or the Off-Campus Programs office for an updated list of those courses.
  • Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore Environmental Studies

  • ENVS 2: Introduction to Environmental Science
  • ENVS 3: Environment and Society: Towards Sustainability?
  • ENVS 11: Humans and Nature in America
  • ENVS 17: Marine Policy
  • ENVS 19: Encountering Forests

Information for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Environmental Studies

  • Students are advised to take ENVS 2 or 3 in their first year, and ideally to have taken ENVS 2 and 3 by the end of the second year.  But a student does not need to have done so to declare the major.
  • Prerequisites for the ENVS Major include MATH 3 or 10; CHEM 5, or PHYS 3, or BIOL 16, or EARS 1; and ECON 1 or ECON 2.

Current Enrollments, Class Size, and Distributives


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