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Hanover, NH
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Comparative Literature

Basic Structure of the Program

  • Comparative Literature is an Honors Major requiring either a thesis or two papers. Within the major there are three tracks:
    • Work in two foreign literatures such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, etc.
    • Work in one foreign literature and English literature.
    • The third track involves work in a foreign literature and a non-literary discipline such as film, women’s and gender studies, history, geography, mathematics, etc.

Advice for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Comparative Literature

  • COLT 10, the introductory and prerequisite course, is offered most terms and can be taken concurrently with other courses. Topics vary by term. It is recommended that a student place out of or complete WRIT 5 before taking COLT 10.
  • Begin work on foreign language(s). Reading and writing proficiency in at least one foreign language is essential for study in comparative literature, and is recommended for those interested in going on to graduate school.
  • Consult the program web site for interesting course offerings open to undergraduates.

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