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Undergraduate Advising and Research
Parker House, HB 6201
Hanover, NH
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Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures (DAMELL)

Basic Structure of the Department

  • DAMELL offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew and Japanese languages, literatures and cultures.
  • DAMELL offers majors and minors in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, and Japanese; the East Asian track (which requires the study of Japanese and Chinese), or any two of the languages offered in the department. These language/literature areas may also be modified with coursework in other departments for a DAMELL modified major.
  • The introductory language sequences for all AMELL languages are numbered 1 (offered fall), 2 (offered winter) and 3 (offered spring).  A student who wants to begin a language must begin in the fall.  Students with background who wish to continue studying an AMELL language or would like to have their Foreign Language Requirement waived, should take the appropriate placement exam, both written and oral. (Placement exam schedule is available on the Orientation website:
  • The department sponsors a Foreign Study Program for Chinese in Beijing (summers other than 2014), a Language Study Abroad (LSA+) for Chinese in Beijing (every fall), and a Language Study Abroad (LSA+) for Japanese in Tokyo (every summer).  Foreign study opportunities can also be arranged for students of Hebrew and Arabic..  Dartmouth also offers Exchange Programs in Japan at Keio University in Tokyo (fall, spring, or full year), and at Kanda University of International Studies on the outskirts of Tokyo (fall, spring or full year), an Israel Exchange Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (fall) and a Korea Exchange Program at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea (fall).
  • If a student wants to participate in an FSP or an LSA+, s/he should begin planning early.  Introductory language sequences in AMELL can only be started in the fall quarter, and the other prerequisites for DAMELL's off-campus study programs are only offered once a year.  Contact the department chair for details.

Courses for the Student with Little or No Background Who Wants to Explore the Literatures and  Cultures of Asia and the Middle East

  • Any of the first year language courses, with their sequences beginning in the fall term.  Students are strongly encouraged to begin language work their first year at Dartmouth.
  • AMEL 17: Discourse, Culture and Identity in Asia and the Middle East
  • ARAB 10, CHIN 10, JAPN 10, HEBR 10, and AMES 11 (Introduction to Korean Culture, fall 2013) are general introductions to the designated cultures, require no language background, and satisfy the CI requirement.
  • Courses numbered 61, 62, and 63 are literature-in-translation courses that introduce students to various topics and themes in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew literatures and cultures.  They do not have prerequisites.

Advice for the First-Year Student Who Plans on Pursuing Studies in DAMELL

  • Students are encouraged to begin the language study as early as possible.  A student who wants to begin a language can only begin in the fall.
  • Prerequisites are as follows:
    • Prerequisite for the Tangier, Morocco FSP: Two of the following language courses: ARAB 21 (fall), 22 (winter), 23 (spring); and ARAB 10 (winter).
    • Prerequisite for the China FSP:  CHIN 3 (the third term of first-year) or CHIN 4 (fall only, equivalent of 1-2-3) and CHIN 10 (spring).
    • Prerequisite for the Japan LSA+:  JAPN 3 and 10 (both offered in spring only)
    • Prerequisite for the majors:  ARAB 23 (or 25, summer only), HEBR 3, CHIN 23 (offered on FSP and LSA+, and on campus), JAPN 23 (only offered on LSA+).

Other Information

  • Any questions about the department can be addressed to Mr. Gerard Bohlen (department administrator) or Professor James Dorsey (department chair).

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