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Tucker Student Spotlight

 michael klein

Michael Klein '14
Co-Chair of the Red Cross Club

Majors: Economics & Geography

Hometown: Chappaqua, NY

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CCESP History

The Cross Culture and Education Service Program (CCESP) was founded in 2001 on the principles of immersion, education, cultural exchange, service, and reflection. Under these principles the program strives to accomplish two principal objectives. The first is to create a wide variety of learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students of Dartmouth College. These opportunities prepare students to speak and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community. Students are able to develop intercultural skills, nurture a life of self-examination and reflection, and integrate service and academics.

The second, equally important objective is to provide service in an under-developed community by focusing resources on issues and concerns determined by members of the host community in Siuna, Nicaragua. In the past, CCESP has worked with the community on different construction and water sanitation projects, sustainable farming, and addressing acute health concerns in a clinical setting in support of the Siuna Ministry of Health. In addition, CCESP works to raise awareness of health threats by creating public health presentations for community leaders.

These objectives are met by a collaborative effort between Dartmouth undergraduates, Dartmouth Medical School students, medical professionals, Dartmouth faculty and Tucker Foundation staff. In addition, many other community members contribute towards the goals of the CCESP. The CCESP prides itself on its collaborative student-faculty model with an emphasis on student leadership roles.

In April 2011, the Tucker Foundation officially announced a one-year strategic re-evaluation period for the program in order to strengthen partnerships between Dartmouth, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, and key organizational partners in Siuna, Nicaragua. This effort was launched in response to student feedback. The re-evaluation also focused on improving Dartmouth's service-education model by implementing best practices in service-education and public health work.


CCESP symbo
The common ground symbol depicts two converging circles, which parallel the two converging worlds of Dartmouth and Nicaragua. When these two worlds come together on a equal plane — with respect and the goals of service and learning — they create a third realm where transformation can take place. Each world has its own multitude of viewpoints, as represented by the many points on each circle. Lines connect these distinct points to a central point, or a common ground: a place where people from different cultures recognize their shared humanity. Through the relationships that form, an inextricable bond forges these two worlds together. It is in this spirit that students, faculty, and professionals from Dartmouth College endeavor to carry out the Cross-Cultural Service Project.

Last Updated: 3/19/13