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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Dartmouth and The Peace Corps

"Dartmouth means the kind of support and student interest the Peace Corps must have from the American university community if we are to continue to grow and serve effectively overseas."

Robert Sargent Shriver Jr.
First Peace Corps director
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
, May 1963

Dartmouth has been involved with the Peace Corps since its founding, a tradition that continues today.

Dartmouth's Commitment

Dartmouth College consistently ranks among the top 25 small schools producing Peace Corps volunteers. With 17 alumni serving, Dartmouth was ranked 11 in 2011. Since Peace Corps was founded in 1961, over 600 Dartmouth alumni have joined.

Professor John Rassias, who developed the "Rassias method" of language instruction, was recognized by the Peace Corps in March 2011 for his contributions. Read the full article about the event on Dartmouth Now, the news site of Dartmouth College.

50 Years of Collaboration

Dartmouth celebrated 50 years of partnership with the Peace Corps on November 15, 2011, with a day of activities, including a panel of returned Peace Corps volunteers and the premiere of the documentary Dartmouth and the Peace Corps: 50 Years of Partnership. You can read about the celebration on Dartmouth Now or a see transcript of live tweets (pdf) of the panel discussion.

Watch the keynote address given at the celebration by Tucker Foundation Dean Emeritus Charles "Doc" Dey '52 (or download the transcript in pdf):

View a Flickr slideshow of the event (clicking on an image takes you to Flickr, where you can read the captions):


Photos & Experiences

Peace Corps from 2005-2007 in Benin Peace Corps from 2005-2007 in Benin Peace Corps from 2005-2007 in Benin
Margie Graham '04 served in the Peace Corps from 2005-2007 in Benin.

Learn about John Murphy '58's service in the Peace Corps from 1962 to 1964. After a stint in Tunisia, he was assigned to work with volunteers in building schoolhouses in Gabon.

Peace Corps from 2005-2007 in Benin

Photos and Objects Collected by David Dawley

Peter Kilmarx '83 served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire from 1983 to 1986.  In 2010, he was presented with Dartmouth's Lester B. Granger Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Martin Luther King Social Justice Awards.  Kilmarx shared this story about his time in the Peace Corps:

"In 2007, my Peace Corps village chief, Shamba Gilbert, sent me a text message informing me that there was an Ebola outbreak in the village. We were not yet aware of this at CDC, but a telephone conference call with the chief, the director of the hospital 35 kilometers away, and the CDC global disease detection staff raised our suspicions. A few days later I was on a plane to the Congo, just as the outbreak was laboratory confirmed as Ebola virus. Two weeks after that, I had helped lead the international response to the epidemic and establish a CDC Ebola diagnostic laboratory at the hospital. We had traced the outbreak back to a remote village of bat hunters deep in the forest. On my last day I visited my village after having been away for 20 years. There was quite a celebration, highlighted by the village masks coming out and dancing. As I was heading back 35 kilometers to the hospital, a farmer named Shamba Shamba rushed over to greet me on my motorcycle. I asked if he was still fish farming, "Oui!" He exclaimed, "C'est un bon travail!" (It's good work.) He showed me a picture of his son, Pierre, named after me 22 years earlier, who, thanks in part to the productivity of his father's fish pond, had grown up healthy and the family was able to send him to university in far-off Kinshasa. "Attendez," he said, and ran off to his tiny thatch hut. He came back with his Bible, and pulled out a photo of my mother holding the newborn Pierre in her arms from when my parents visited in 1985. What an extraordinary alignment of events and forces in my life!"

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