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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Program Description

The SIBS program offers Dartmouth student volunteers the chance to form a meaningful, lasting connection with a child living in the Upper Valley through an intentional and personalized match. Dartmouth students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process, while their mentees are directed to the Tucker foundation through guidance recommendation. Given access to trainings and support staff, big Sibs consult with peers and professionals to design age appropriate activities with their littles and to respond to any challenges that may arise.

Typically, the relationship continues for the duration of a student’s Dartmouth career. Matches spend about 4 hours a week together, during which time they may choose to go on a hike, visit the Montshire Museum, watch a movie, or do any number of other activities. Regardless of how it is spent, time with a big Sib gives littles the opportunity to confide in and learn from a positive role model. In many cases, big Sibs are constants in the lives of littles for whom many other aspects of life are changing and unpredictable. Encouragement and frequent check-ins lead to better performance in school at in social settings. Confidence and communication skills grow. Networks expand and little Sibs learn to find support through new relationships. Both mentors and mentees benefit from measurable growth through their participation. 


Time Commitment

  • 2 mandatory orientation sessions at the beginning of your first term volunteering with SIBS
  • 4 hours per week with your SIB
  • 2 consecutive terms required to start; 1 year minimum commitment required in total
  • 1-2 hours per term spent checking in with Student Director and/or chairs


  • If eligible, mentors are required to become driver approved
  • Access to Tucker vehicles (after driver approval) is available

For More Information

- Blitz SIBS

- Call 603-646-3350

- Stop by the Tucker Foundation, South Fairbanks Hall

Last Updated: 2/3/15