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Tucker Student Spotlight

Jessica Fedin '17

Jessica Fedin '17
Hillel Intern, Webmaster

Major: Geography

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

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Welcome to Local Service!

Local Service at the William Jewett Tucker Foundation strives to realize the ideal that learning through service to others is at the heart of a liberal arts experience. Through more than 40,000 hours of service annually, over 1,000 Dartmouth students engage as learners and citizens in responsible and challenging service that fosters leadership for social change and civic improvement. A forum for questioning and reflecting, as well as a springboard for action, Local Service at the Tucker Foundation is dynamic and evolving, and includes student-managed, collaborative projects serving the areas of child and youth mentoring, food and shelter, educational enrichment, and community health and fitness.

OLE Adventure 

Below is a generalized weekly schedule for our Local Service programs. For more information about a specific program, click on the relevant link below or email



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Please feel free to contact us or just drop by our offices if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!




Last Updated: 10/24/14