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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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High School Students Complete SEAD

Every summer, more than 300 Dartmouth sophomores volunteer with the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) program, sponsored by the Tucker Foundation. Founded in 2001, SEAD brings promising students from under-resourced high schools to campus and provides educational opportunities during their summer vacation. ...

Dartmouth Now, August 2012

SEAD wraps up 13th year on Saturday

The Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth program will conclude its 13th summer on campus on Saturday, supporting 26 high school students from under-resourced backgrounds across the East Coast on their path toward attending college. ...

The Dartmouth, July 2012

SEAD Looks Forward With 10-Year Strategic Plan - 2/29/12

The SEAD Program has concluded a year-long strategic planning process begun in celebration of its 10th anniversary in 2010. Key programmatic strengths have been identified, and significant changes implemented – changes that will allow SEAD to more effectively expand its students' conception of what is possible in their lives. Read the full press release.

SEAD commemorates progress over 10 years

The Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth program invited program alumni, former volunteers and staff members, and friends to sit in on activities and special events in celebration of SEAD’s 10th anniversary on Saturday. Throughout its 10 years, SEAD — which provides college preparatory mentoring for high school students from under-resourced school districts across the country — has facilitated the collegiate aspirations of 180 students, which has required the involvement of 2,782 Dartmouth sophomores, according to Jay Davis ’90, director of the program since its inception...

The Dartmouth, July 2010

SEAD Celebrates 10 Years of Success: 180 students from under-resourced high schools have participated in Dartmouth’s summer college-prep program

Mark Wilson ’09 has experienced firsthand the impact of the 10-year-old Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth program, which helps prepare under-resourced high school students for college. The Philadelphia native was in the second graduating class of SEAD’s scholars in 2004...

Dartmouth Now, July 2010

Documentary to Premiere on PBS Features Dartmouth’s SEAD Program

Whatever It Takes, a new documentary to air March 30 on PBS, chronicles the hardships and triumphs of the first year of the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics (BCSM). PBS recently released a new website that promotes the film...

Dartmouth Now, March 2010

"Living, breathing, walking testimony": Dartmouth graduates of program for under-resourced high schoolers help current participants

As in years past, legions of Dartmouth sophomores will volunteer this summer for the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) program, which brings about 30 students from under-resourced high schools to Dartmouth for several weeks each summer for college preparation courses and activities.

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs

Graduation Day

Stuart Lord, Virginia Rice Kelsey '61S Dean of the Tucker Foundation, congratulates Lee Smith on his graduation from the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) III program on July 10…

Vox of Dartmouth, July 2006

SEAD Announces New Partner Schools

The SEAD program has selected its partner high schools for the next three years. Thirty 2006-2008 SEAD Scholars will come from Stevens High School in Claremont, N.H., Noonan Business Academy in Dorchester, Mass., the Bronx Center for Mathematics and Science in New York, Spartanburg High School in Spartanburg, S.C., and El Cerrito High School, in El Cerrito, Calif…

Vox of Dartmouth, Feb 2006

by Roland Adams

SEAD takes root

SEAD will reach a milestone this fall when two of its alumni, Damaris Walker and Mark Wilson, both from Philadelphia, become students again - this time as members of Dartmouth's class of 2009…

Vox of Dartmouth, July 2005

By Joel Aalberts

SEAD's first class graduates from program

In a July 15 ceremony the SEAD program graduated its first class of 24 high school students, all of whom had completed three consecutive summers of leadership training, community service and college preparation…

Vox of Dartmouth (Vol XXII • Issue 4), July 2003

by James Donnelly

High School students return to Dartmouth for a week of service - this time given, not received

In the summer of 2001, a new program called SEAD brought ninth graders from urban high schools in Boston and Philadelphia and from rural Canaan, N.H., to spend a week at Dartmouth learning skills in leadership, scholarship and community service. In addition to a new group of ninth graders who completed participation in the program this summer, SEAD II - an extension of SEAD - brought most of last year's participants back to campus for another week…

August 2002

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