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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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"I wouldn't be who I am today had it not been for you...You[r] influences have been the chisel that carved out my inner being, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I wish I could stay with [SEAD] forever sometimes, but I know that we all have to go out and create our own path."
-2012 SEAD III Student

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Mission Statement

The Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) program empowers promising high school students from under-resourced backgrounds to thrive in high school and college and provides Dartmouth students transformative opportunities for service and leadership.

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SEAD consists of

The Summer Program

School Year Reunions

Fall, Winter, and Spring Internship Programs

Summer Program

Starting the summer after their freshman year, SEAD brings 30 high school students from around the country to Hanover for two to three weeks. The scholars take three classes taught by professional educators, explore a multitude of collegiate activities run by student organizations, and develop intimate relationships with Dartmouth community members. In addition to the 20 Dartmouth undergraduate and alumni who serve as residential staff, the scholars have an opportunity to connect with over 300 sophomores involved in the program each year as mentors, academic coaches, and activity leaders. The scholars return every summer for four years to strengthen those bonds as they prepare, apply, and transition into college. Through a unique balance of academic rigor, character development, and entertainment, SEAD fosters a close-knit community dedicated to realizing the potential for excellence in each of its members.

Over the span of two week, scholars focus on getting to know each other, building a sense of trust and cohesion as a group, and practicing problem solving skills. The Scholars are encouraged to explore themselves as individuals, students, and members of their communities through Robotics and Humanities courses.


This three-week program embraces the themes of the environment and sustainability. Scholars take Environmental Science and Humanities courses along with an SAT prep class, as they continue to bond as a group collaborating on presentations of their work in teams.


In their third year, scholars engage in three weeks of courses centered on college preparation. The classes include Speech and Leadership, College Search and Application, and Writing the College Application Essay with all curricula emphasizing small group work with staff members and individual conferences with lead teachers.


For the first time in 2013, SEAD will be a four-summer program, with two weeks in the final summer focused on supporting the program's graduates in a successful transition to college.

"SEAD showed me the incredible joy that can come from thoughtful, purposeful service; in whatever field I go into, I need to do it serving others." — 2011 Dartmouth Graduate


School Year Reunions

In the fall or winter following their summer at Dartmouth, SEAD students come back to Hanover for the SEAD Fall or Winter Reunion Weekend. The Reunion Weekends give SEAD students the opportunity to reconnect with their mentors and one another and serve as a reminder of the focused, motivated work the students did during the summer and can do during the school year. The Reunion Weekends also help prepare the students for their upcoming summer with SEAD.

The SEAD Reunion Weekends are a partnership between Dartmouth College and Hanover High School. During the Reunion Weekend, SEAD students are hosted by families of Hanover High School students.


Fall, Winter, and Spring Internships

The SEAD Internship program sends a Dartmouth undergraduate student into each of our partner SEAD schools to spend eight weeks serving as an intern. The purpose of the internship is to maintain contact between the on-campus summer program and the SEAD students, their parents or guardians, and their school advisors. The SEAD intern sustains the enthusiasm of the program participants, encourages academic success as well as community involvement, helps the students prepare for the college application process, and pursues our shared goal of a college education.

"I worked one-on-one with a SEAD student today who is having trouble with his algebra class. We worked for approximately an hour or so. He was struggling but seemed to be receptive to my tutoring. Earlier this evening he left me a Facebook post saying that he is understanding his math and is excited about the subject. I feel as though I played a small roll in turning his attitude from negative to positive and that will stick with me." — SEAD Winter Intern


SEAD's Impact

For its high school students...

SEAD Art 2012SEAD Robotics 

SEAD encourages academic preparedness and personal growth through specially designed courses, year-round mentoring, and extensive interactions with successful college students.


"SEAD has been one of the best experiences in my life. Not only did it introduce me to new people from different places, it introduced me to the school that I would like to attend for college. SEAD has taught me about many things in the world, most importantly who I am."— SEAD student graduate


For its Dartmouth staff and volunteers...

SEAD offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn with others from different, and often challenging, life experiences: learning that should be at the core of a rich liberal arts education. Find out more about volunteer opportunities.


"I was really inspired by the amazing strides that the students have made considering their challenging backgrounds."— SEAD mentor


"SEAD has changed the direction of my life. Without SEAD, I would not have become so interested in education and the disproportionate access available to our current society."— SEAD staff member

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