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United Church of Christ at Dartmouth College (Alpha Omega Student Group)

"I have been involved with the Congregational UCC Church at Dartmouth since my freshman year. I sometimes miss my church community at home, so it is a wonderful thing to show up on Sunday and be welcomed by another warm and loving community away from home. I have even been "adopted" by a wonderfully caring couple in the church who not only give me someone to sit with during worship, but also a home-cooked meal now and then!" —Hannah Fries ’04


The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College, which sponsors Alpha Omega, is a congregation of the United Church of Christ. Students are invited and encouraged to become an active part of this congregation by worshiping with us, singing in our choir, working in our nursery, becoming a church school teacher, etc.

Sunday worship is at 10:00 am and the sanctuary is always open for prayer and a as quiet place.

Students are welcome to stop by the Eleazer Wheelock Student Center (643-1311). The entrance to the Student Center is on the driveway side of the church building.


  • Sunday Morning Worship is our most important gathering with students.
  • Our Host Family Program matches a student with a family, couple or individual member of the congregation.
  • Other events, which students may learn of via email, include:
    • Potluck Suppers
    • Educational Programs

Contact Information

The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College

Director of Education: Robert Grabill (643-3150)

Last Updated: 8/24/16