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Integrare - ABS (Athletes Bible Studies)


Integrare offers small-group Bible studies and individual mentoring geared specifically to Dartmouth athletes. These ABS groups encourage honest exploration of how the person of Christ relates to our lives. Everyone is welcome, regardless of where you happen to be in your spiritual journey.

Integrare (in-teh-GRAR-ay) means "to form or blend into a whole." Our words like integrity and integration come from this Latin verb.  

Socials occur throughout each term as well.

Integrare - ABS is interdenominational and represents the classical Christian faith, adhering to the Bible. 

Student leaders

Brooke Ahbe '18, Kennedy Jensen '18, Sara Lindquist '18, Emily Slagle '18, Morgan Waterman '18, Emily Slagle '18, Ben Hagaman '18, Brock Bacon '18, Sierra Lyle '19, Emily Dryden '19

Contact Information

Denise Dahlberg
Cell / text: (603) 986-4843

Kent Dahlberg
Cell / text: (603) 986-4844

Last Updated: 9/25/17