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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Winter 2013 Tucker Fellows

Kelly Brait '14kelly
Major: Economics, Minor in Ethics
CSO: Soccer without Borders in Kampala, Uganda

Kelly will spend her winter term volunteering with Soccer without Borders in Kampala, Uganda. The mission of Soccer without Borders is to use soccer as a means to connect with the community. In using sports as a vehicle for positive change, the organization targets mainly youth and works to foster the development of leaders in the community. Kelly will assist Soccer without Borders by leading her own practices and classes. She will be an active participant in the program by not only coaching the youth in soccer but also teaching English and Ugandan history to the refugee youth population. Kelly is on the women's soccer team at Dartmouth and has played soccer for most of her life. She is excited to integrate into the Ugandan community through the means of sports and education. At Dartmouth, Kelly is also a member of Mediation at Dartmouth, a group working towards conflict resolution around campus.

Nancy Seem '14nancy
Major: English; Minor in Education
CSO: Dartmouth Volunteer Teaching Program in the Marshall Islands

Nancy will travel to the Marshall Islands this winter to work as a teacher for the Marshall Islands Teaching Program coordinated by Dartmouth's Education Department. The goal of the program is
is to provide Marshallese children with substantial and intellectually stimulating education to better prepare them to interact culturally, politically, and economically in a globalized world. Nancy will serve as both a teaching assistant and a teacher at the local high school during the day. As part of the program's commitment to fostering education and empowerment outside of the classroom, Nancy will also work with the students to produce a Shakespearean play as well as lead a running program for the girls. Nancy has previous experience as a Big Green Reader Volunteer where she has developed her teaching style by working with elementary school students. At Dartmouth, she is an Education minor and hopes to gain valuable teaching experience to better prepare herself for her teaching career.

Meredith Shaw '15meredith
Major: Undecided
CSO: World Partners in Education in Tema, Ghana

World Partners in Education is a volunteer organization that aims to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Southern Ghana, specifically at the NAP Academy. Its mission is to promote high-quality, accessible education to under-resourced communities while being culturally aware of the history and tradition of such communities. Meredith's work with World Partners in Education is multifaceted: she will serve as a mentor and tutor to the students along with serving as an assistant teacher in various classrooms. She will also lead extra-curricular activities for the youth in the after-school program. Meredith hopes to use this experience in Ghana as a vital opportunity to apply what she has learned in her Education classes and to help her consider what her plans are post-graduation. She has ample experience working with youth both as a mentor and a teacher through the START program, where she teaches art to local elementary school students. Additionally, Meredith is a member of the Dartmouth Rockapellas, an a capella group.

Brandon Gunter '14brandon
Major: Sociology
CSO: Dartmouth Volunteer Teaching Program in the Marshall Islands

The mission of the Marshall Island Teaching Internship is to provide Marshallese children with substantial education to better prepare them to interact culturally, politically, and economically in a globalized world. A goal of this program is to have a consistent teacher available all the time to the students in order to increase motivation. In order to provide a well-rounded educational experience, Dartmouth teaching interns offer a variety of programs to supplement the school day. Brandon will be teaching math at a local high school, managing two high school classrooms of approximately 20-25 students. Brandon has previous teaching experience as a 6th grade Teacher for YES Prep Public Schools in Texas, where he developed his passion for education in under-resourced communities. He hopes to join Teach for America after graduation, and sees this experience in the Marshall Islands as an opportunity to refine his teaching skills and gain exposure to different educational systems. At Dartmouth, Brandon is a technician for the Collis Center of Student Involvement and a founder and CEO of G.Y.D.U Entertainment, an organization dedicated to increasing artist exposure through social networking and marketing.

Yaritza Gonzalez '15yaritza
Major: Geography
CSO: World Partners in Education in Tema, Ghana

World Partners in Education is a volunteer organization that aims to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Southern Ghana. Its mission is to promote high-quality, accessible education to under-resourced communities while being culturally aware of the history and tradition of such communities. Yaritza will serve at the NAP Academy in Tema, Ghana in various roles depending on the needs of the school during winter. She will work closely with the teachers and youth at NAP Academy, mentoring, providing after-school academic assistance, and leading extra-curricular activities. She will also conduct research regarding issues surrounding the local community. Yaritza has explored various aspects of the U.S. educational system through coursework at Dartmouth, and she served as a teacher assistant in the America READS program at Dartmouth, which provides reading support for elementary school students, thereby making her an experienced candidate.

Frances Buren '15frances
Major: History, minor in Arabic
CSO: La Esperanza Granada in Granada, Nicaragua

Frances will travel this winter to Granada, Nicaragua to serve as teacher and mentor with La Esperanza Granada, a non-profit organization devoted to improving education for youth in the capital's poorer communities. La Esperanza works with local communities to improve education by building schools, providing salaries for teachers, purchasing textbooks and supplies, and providing scholarships to high school and university students. Frances' role in La Esperanza Granada will be split between the classroom and a summer school program. As a classroom assistant, Frances will be partnered with a local teacher to work one-on-one with students who are falling behind. In the summer school program, she will teach classes and lead extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and dance. Frances has ample teaching experience as an After School Tutor at the St. James Methodist Church, reading with students and helping them improve their test scores. At Dartmouth, she is an Admissions Department Tour Guide and also a Big Sister for the Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color.

John D'Antonio '14
Major: Psychology, Minor in Education
CSO: Awamaki in Cusco, Peru

John will volunteer with Awamaki this winter, an organization dedicated to serving the Quechua population in Ollantaytambo through a volunteer education program in Cusco, Peru. The mission of the program is to help educate and empower the Ollantaytambo population to enable community members to run independent businesses, interact with the increasingly English speaking population, and to close the education gap between rural and urban schools. At Awamaki, John will be a full-time teacher, teaching beginner and intermediate English classes, as well as running a computer skills/literacy class. John will also be working at an after school program helping youth with their homework and running a soccer club to provide the youth with a fun way of staying healthy and active. John plans to become a teacher in the future. He hopes that this experience at Awamaki will allow him to experience "the crucial hands-on experience of working in a classroom and understanding what it takes to be a teacher." John is active in numerous groups on campus, serving as the Volunteer Committee Chairperson for Relay for Life and as the Freshman Trip Leader for the Dartmouth Outing Club.

Sean "Seanie" Civale '14sean
Major: English (Creative Writing concentration), Education minor
CSO: Shanti Education Initiative Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal

Seanie will volunteer as a mentor, English teacher, and dance instructor at the Shanti Education Initiative in a rural village in Kathmandu Valley. The mission of the organization is to improve the standard of education in rural Nepal, especially for girls and ethnic minorities. The organization partners with schools that have fallen into disrepair, providing support by renovating infrastructure, providing specialized teacher training, and mobilizing volunteers to teach and promote extracurricular and community-based activities. In addition to teaching and leading extra-curricular activities, Seanie hopes to bring together the village by organizing a community-wide event to celebrate and appreciate the arts. An English major with a Creative Writing concentration and a member of the Sugarplum Dance Collaborative, Seanie is well prepared to teach both English reading and writing, and dance. She understands the importance of developing and fostering creative outlets, and the positive impacts such outlets can have in a child's development. Seanie is also passionate about education and social justice issues. At Dartmouth, she has nurtured those passions by getting involved with DREAM, a mentor-ship program that pairs Dartmouth students with underprivileged youth living in the Upper Valley, and by pursuing an Education minor.

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