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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Winter 2012

Prashasti Agrawal '13

Medical Volunteer
Deep Griha Society
Maharashtra, India

Prashasti is spending her winter term doing medical volunteering with the Deep Griha Society in Pune, India. The Deep Griha Society (DGS) offers variety of community welfare programs, including nutrition education, self-help programs, and affordable health care. The Society also uses fieldworkers to engage with individuals living in the Tadiwala slum. Prashasti will be serving as a healthcare fellow in the Tadiwala Road Clinic where she will assist with daily clinic duties. She will also be working with Deep Griha's Integrated Service for HIV/AIDS (DISHA), where she will help provide counseling and education services to HIV+ community members. Prashasti's past experience as a medical volunteer at Farrukhabad City Hospital in Farrukhabad, India, has fostered a sense of cultural awareness and deeper understanding of public health systems in developing countries. As a Dartmouth EMS responder and former volunteer with the American Red Cross, she will also bring valuable workshop and training experience to her outreach with DISHA. Prashasti hopes to use her educational background in biology and economics while working with DGS to gain a better understanding of "the science behind medicine as well as the economic foundations of public health systems."

Emily Dollar '14

Intern & Tutor
Richard Oslund Memorial Clinic–Blue Nile Children's Organization
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Emily will be spending her winter term working with the Richard Oslund Memorial Clinic, which is run by the Blue Nile Children's Organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Clinic serves the women and children in the Kolfe-Keranio district of Addis Ababa, offering healthcare and educational programs about nutrition and hygiene. Emily will help the clinic staff with daily by supporting the nutritional and educational programs for mothers and infants at the clinic. She will also be teaching afternoon classes and distributing meals to the orphans who rely on the clinic's services regularly. Emily's past experiences shadowing at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical center and volunteering at the Layla House orphanage in Addis Ababa enable her to support the medical services the clinic provides while understanding some of the nuances of working with Ethiopian youth. She hopes to make meaningful connections with the orphans she works with while also learning more about Ethiopian society and culture.

Nell Pierce '13

Telling My Story: Voices from Behind Walls
Talca, Chile

Nell will be traveling to Talca, Chile, to work with the arts organization Telling My Story (TMS) in a prison for women. The facility houses two hundred inmates, but Nell will be working directly with the 20 to 30 women who have elected to participate. The mission of the organization is to use art to empower stigmatized individuals whose voices have been silenced. TMS fulfills its mission through a nine-week workshop in which both facilitators and participants learn to express their life experiences through dance, theater, creative writing, and visual art. This is the first time the program is being implemented in Talca, and is the first time a Dartmouth professor and student are collaborating abroad with the program. As assistant to the leader of the organization, Nell will facilitate TMS workshops for three to five days a week and self-portraiture workshops once a week. She will also play an integral role in evaluating the effectiveness of the workshops by working individually with participants to discuss their creative process and solicit feedback. Nell has worked with TMS both as a student participant and as head facilitator in both a Vermont prison and in Guatemala, where she founded an arts program for school children. She believes that cross-cultural dialogue is one way we can transform our deeply divided world and is excited to share her passion for the arts with others. After Dartmouth, she hopes to pursue graduate study in Education and to become an arts educator.

Ross James '13

Mentor & Tutor
Amy Biehl Foundation
Cape Town, South Africa

Ross will be working with the Amy Biehl Foundation, whose mission is to empower children in impoverished South African townships through education. Student participants have the opportunity to escape the harsh realities of their communities through the foundation's education, health and safety, arts and music, and sports and recreation programs. As an empowered community of individuals molded by the organization's mission, students are then able to become agents of change in the townships. Ross will play an integral role in recruiting participants to the program and will also mentor and tutor through many of the afterschool programs run by the organization. As a musician and a sports enthusiast, he looks forward to working with children who participate in related programs. Ross brings many skills to this service opportunity, having previously served as a mentor and tutor in programs such as Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth, Each One Reach One, and Hands On Atlanta. He believes strongly in the ideal that every life is precious and that all people are deserving of a life-affirming environment. After Dartmouth, Ross hopes to volunteer with AmeriCorps and pursue graduate studies in International Studies and Public Policy.

Susan Aaluk Edwardson '12

Marshall Islands Teacher Internship
Majuro, Marshall Islands

Susan Aaluk will travel to the Marshall Islands this winter to work as a teacher for the Marshall Islands Teaching program coordinated by the Department of Education at Dartmouth. The goal of the program is to provide Marshallese children with substantial and intellectually stimulating education to better prepare them to interact culturally, politically, and economically in a globalized world. The project seeks to fulfill its goals based on the belief that cross-cultural educational service is beneficial to both the island's students and those who teach them. Susan will be teaching English to high school students in the mornings while producing a Shakespearean play with high school students in the afternoons. English proficiency is a foundational goal of the public education system in the Marshall Islands, and Susan's work will address this objective through direct engagement in the classroom and on the stage. She brings many skills and experiences to this fellowship, the most significant of which are her experience working with youth groups in her home community and on campus, as well as her experience with theater production. Susan believes in the power of theater to tell compelling stories. She desires to use theater as both a therapeutic medium for the storytellers themselves and as a platform to inform and encourage awareness of social issues in the minds of audience members. In the future, she hopes the work with an international organization that employs theater to bring about social change.

Kameko Winborn '14

Teacher & Mentor
Harvard China Care–Jiaozuo Children's Welfare Home
Jiaozuo, China

Kameko will be volunteering at Jiaozuo Children's Welfare Home through Harvard China Care (HCC). The mission of HCC is to improve orphans' lives in China and engage with colleges, Chinese adoptees, and orphanages in China. HCC has fostered strong relationships with various private and state orphanages in China. During her time with Jiaozuo Children's Welfare Home, Kameko will be mentoring and teaching English, math, and arts and crafts. Kameko has a strong commitment to youth empowerment and interest in Chinese culture. On campus she is a member the Dartmouth Chinese Society and also a member of the Dartmouth Asian Organization, a student-run group which provides mentorship opportunities between students and Upper Valley Chinese adoptees. She also brings her past experience mentoring and teaching youth through America Reads and Safety Town to her work with the youth at Jiaozuo Children's Welfare Home. Her musical talents will enable her to participate in music lessons and offer an outlet for creative expression for the orphans she will be working with. Kameko hopes her fellowship will enable her to continue learning about Chinese culture and language and also hopes to bring the lessons she learns from her experience back to Dartmouth community and her home community.

Last Updated: 3/23/12