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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Summer 2013 Tucker Fellows

Minae Seog '14minae tf 13x
Major: Government

"Academic and Extracurricular Programming Intern"
World Partners in Education
Tema, Ghana

The mission of World Partners in Education is to improve the quality and accessibility of education for youth in underserved communities. WPE partners up with local educational institutions and helps them establish and sustain programs like literacy workshops and community outreach. The program believes in research-based, culturally relevant programming, and hopes to engender sustainability by addressing challenges rather than symptoms. As an intern, Minae will be working with the WPE literacy programs for 3rd-6th graders afterschool and will be mentoring and serving as a role model for at-risk youth. She will also be recording the progress of students for long-term strategy work to increase the sustainability of her internship. Minae is passionate about creative education and hopes to be contributing to the innovation of teaching strategies during her service work. On campus, Minae is the Head Verbal Tutor for the Dartmouth Let's Get Ready program and the Production Manager for The Dartmouth Apologia, a student publication.

Pawan Dhakal '16
Major: Physics/Mathematics

"Teaching and Research Assistant"
Tri Saheed Higher Secondary School
Syangja, Nepal

Tri Saheed Higher Secondary School, popularly known as "Panchamul School" is a public school based in Panchamul Village that fulfills the role of the only higher secondary school in the region consisting of five villages. The school serves a diverse community of people that differ in caste to offer equal educational opportunities. As an intern, Pawan will be teaching an experimental computer class for students and help them utilize the recently added infrastructure of 10 computers. In order to help the school effectively integrate IT into its curriculum, Pawan will also be conducting research to identify current ways in which IT can be integrated, especially in under-resourced places. On campus, Pawan is a Great Issue Scholar at the Dickey Center for International Understanding and an IT Consultant at the Dartmouth College Fund.

Renata Hegyi '16renata tucker fellow 13x
Major: Undecided

"Outreach and Education Intern"
Water Literacy Foundation
Bangalore, India

The vision of the Water Literacy Foundation is to transform India into a water-efficient nation. It seeks to promote practical and sustainable water resource management and conservation practices in the city of and surround rural areas of Bangalore, India. The current focus of the organization is rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging for industrial organizations. As an intern, Renata will be directly assisting with the outreach, education, and R&D portions of the organization as well as technical assistance in implementation. Renata's role would be communication with farmers, students, and households through planning educational events and workshops, making information easily accessible for the community by using social media, creating informational videos, and distributing printed information. She would also conduct field research on water management techniques and work with locals and WLF to develop innovative methods to increase groundwater levels. Renata is passionate about water literacy and hopes this internship will expose her to a variety of social issues related to resource management. On campus, Renata is an ESL mentor for a local elementary school and also the Language and Cultural Exchange Intern for the Office of Pluralism and Leadership.

William Kamkwamba '14
Major: Environmental Studies

"Project Manager"
Moving Windmills Project

The primary goal of the Moving Windmills Project is to promote economic development in rural areas of Malawi. The platform the organization uses to achieve its goal is to promote youth innovation by teaching young kids how to build water-pumping system in a team environment. Most of the organization's funding relies on donors' generosity based on promotional videos from students who used the skills they learned to solve problems in their communities. As the overseeing manager for the project, William will be working with individuals from different villages to fix water pumps and to teach them how to maintain the pumps for sustainable impact. William is passionate about using his skills to reduce water-born diseases in Malawi and hopes that this experience will allow him to gain innovative experiences that he can one day teach to others. On campus, William is involved with the Students for Africa organization and a team member of the Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering.

Xiu Yi Chen '16suey tucker fellow 13x
Major: Engineering

"Dandelion Project Coordinator"
Dandelion Middle School
Beijing, China

The primary goal of the Dandelion Middle School is to serve Chinese migrant workers' children. Although migrant workers have built much of China's new global cities, many of them lack Hukou, a residential permit that grants their children access to public schools, resulting in thousands of children being separated from their parents. Dandelion provides an alternative to these migrant families so the children can be educated near the vicinities of their parents. As a program coordinator, Xiu Yi will assist in pairing the middle school students with Dartmouth students to offer a mentor-mentee relationship. Also, she will directly give the students English lessons in a classroom setting. Xiu Yi will also actively assist graduated students with professional skills such as interviewing. On campus, Xiu Yi is a Ticketing Sales Associate at the Hopkins Center for the Arts and an English Tutor for the Dartmouth Global China Connection club.

Zachary Kamin '14zachary tucker fellow 13x
Major: Government/Social Anthropology

"Intern for the Department for Field Work in the Occupied Territories"
Rabbis for Human Rights
Jerusalem, Israel

The Rabbis for Human Rights is an organization that works with under-resourced Palestinian and Palestine-Israeli communities. Its mission is the "defend human rights of marginalized communities within Israel and the Palestinian Territories." The organization both works on service projects and on macro-policy issues through its legal department in order to achieve its mission. In regard to service projects, the organization maintains relationships with disenfranchised Palestinian agricultural communities in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. As an intern, Zachary will be working on agricultural projects with Palestinian communities in Southern Hebron, namely digging cisterns and clearing dirt tracks in order to help alleviate some of their institutionalized economic disadvantages. Zachary will also be spending time researching and reporting on home demolitions and the state of public housing in Israel, specifically in East Jerusalem. Zachary is passionate about international intervention and hope this experience will allow him to delve into some of the issues regarding diplomacy in an international setting. On campus, Zachary serves as the Israel Affairs programmer for Dartmouth Hillel and is also involved in the Rockefeller Center's Management Leadership and Development Program.

Jocelyn Powelson '14jocelyn tucker fellow 13x
Major(s): Environmental Studies and Chemistry modified with Global Health

"Tackling HIV/AIDS through Ceramics and Conversation"
Malealea Development Trust

Jocelyn will spend the summer in Lesotho working with the Malealea Development Trust. She will work on the organization's health, wellbeing and income generation initiatives, and specifically with HIV+ community members. One such initiative will teach HIV+ locals how to refine Lesotho's natural clay and make pottery that can be sold to generate income for these families. Majoring in both Environmental Studies and Chemistry modified with global health, Jocelyn is passionate about sustainable development and has had ample opportunity to explore its implications through coursework. In addition to her strong academic background, Jocelyn brings to her work with the Trust several years of pottery experience. Jocelyn has been a participant in the Chinese LSA in Beijing, and the Environmental Studies FSP in southern Africa, when she first established a connection with the Malealea community.

Nikolas Medrano '14nik tucker fellow 13x
Major(s): History and Spanish modified with Art History

"Classroom Assistant"
Camino Seguro/Safe Passage

Nik will spend this summer working with Camino Seguro/Safe Passage in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He will serve as a classroom assistant and help a minimum of 25 students complete daily activities by contributing homework advice and classroom leadership. Nik will accompany students in English, Creative Expression, Sports, and Health classes. At Dartmouth, Nik is a History and Spanish modified with Art History double major, a mentor for the Outdoor Leadership Experience, and has served as an Academic Coach for SEAD (Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth). This summer, Nik hopes to "directly impact the lives of youth in need and see the tangible results of this impact."

Oladipupo (Dipo) Fasawe '14
Major(s): Geography

"NaijaEduCause Teacher & Mentor"
United Change Agents Leadership Initiative (UCALi)

Dipo will spend this summer in Nigeria working with the United Change Agents Leadership Initiative. He will teach ethical leadership, Nigerian and African history, and act as a mentor to 10 students. Dipo's classes will be taught in the Socratic style, a discussion-oriented method used in seminars at Dartmouth and at the African Leadership Academy, which Dipo attended prior to his sojourn in Hanover. Dipo is looking forward to working hard towards improving educational institutions in his home-country, Nigeria. At Dartmouth, he is a Geography major, the president of the African Student Association, and a past participant in the French Language Study Abroad program in Lyon, France.

Mary Scott Cain '14mary scott tucker fellow 13x
Major(s): Economics (Development and International Tracks)

"Summer Innovation Institute Intern"

Mary Scott will spend the summer working with LinkAcross, an organization that provides community-centered, participatory learning-based training in the areas of professional development, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking. She will facilitate and participate in community discussions about innovation, asset based development, and business ethics. Mary Scott hopes that her work will help participants explore their capabilities, and that in turn will help catalyze the community's economic development. As an Economics major focusing on Development, Mary Scott brings to her work with LinkAcross a wealth of academic experience that is directly relevant to the conversations she will be facilitating.

Emily Li '14emily li tucker fellow 13x
Major(s): Neuroscience

"Community Health Outreach and Support of Orphans"
New Hope Africa Children Ministries

Emily will spend the summer in Uganda working with New Hope Africa Children Ministries, a grassroots, Christian organization whose mission is to foster community development through empowering the local children, the poor, the marginalized, and, more generally, the disadvantaged people. Emily will be involved in New Hope's community health outreach program and orphan support project. She will organize HIV/AIDS outreach and disease prevention programs in schools and other institutions in the district. A Neuroscience major, Emily cites her work with the Student Global AIDS Campaign and her coursework dealing with international development and medical anthropology as two experiences that prepare her for this summer in Uganda. During her fellowship, Emily hopes "to serve as a mentor, teacher, and friend when caring for the children at the New Hope orphanage."

Nastassia Rudak '14nastassia tucker fellow 13x
Major(s): Government and Economics

"Teaching and Facilitating Discussion with Bosnian Children"
Center for Education "Narenta"
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Center for Education Narenta is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization that works toward instilling in the local children values of a democratic, inclusive society. Stasia will organize educational seminars and workshops for the children that are enrolled in Narenta's programs. Originally from Belarus, Stasia spent two years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attending high-school in Mostar, an experience that will certainly inform her work with Narenta. At Dartmouth, Stasia has been an Assistant Teacher (Drill Instructor) for the French and Russian departments, a Presidential Scholar doing research with the Government Department, and is a trained mediator.

Elliot Sanborn '14
Major(s): Government and Anthropology modified with Geography

"Child-Patient Counselor and Tutor"
Peggy Health Centre, No. 2 People's Hospital

The Peggy Health Centre is dedicated to a holistic approach to AIDS treatment, through education, prevention, treatment, and care. Elliot will work with local children-patients, mentoring them, tutoring them in English, visiting their homes and connecting with their parents to address any concerns. A Government and Anthropology (modified with Geography) double major, Elliot is extremely interested in human-centered development, and as such, he's eager to get to know not only the clinic's patients, but also the contexts and systems in which they live. At Dartmouth, Elliot is a past Dickey Intern in the Dominican Republic and the Greek Leadership Council Moderator.



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