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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Spring 2013

Katherine Dwyer '14katherine dwyer s13tf
Major: Psychology
CSO: Cheerful Hearts Foundation in Kasoa, Ghana

Cheerful Hearts Foundation is a grassroots NGO that stresses a philosophy of understanding the regional community needs, and then organizes programs based on those needs. It aims to aid rural communities particularly with education, health, youth support, and human and women's rights. The NGO provides volunteers to local institutions and hospitals, providing health delivery services, health materials, consultations, and educational campaigns. Katherine will be participating in the health-related aspects of their work, including assisting in clinics and planning health education campaigns for the surrounding areas. As an intern with CHF, Katherine will spend most of her time helping nurses and midwives with tasks such as performing check-ups, checking vitals, weighing newborns, and working with patients using her skills as a Licensed Nursing Assistant. Female health and female empowerment are two of her greatest passions. On campus, Katherine is a Sexpert and led the Orchid Project, a campaign to encourage females to have knowledge of and comfort with their own bodies despite social stigmas. Through this experience in Ghana, Katherine hopes to move closer to her goals of becoming a nurse practitioner and empowering and encouraging women on a larger scale.


Julia Harrison '15julia harrison 13Stuckerfellow
Major: Biology
CSO: Mayan Medical Aid in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala

The Maya of Guatemala live in a cycle of extreme poverty, suffering from malnutrition, infant and child mortality, and lack of social mobility or education. The mission of Mayan Medical Aid is to break this vicious cycle while at the same time preserving the Mayan culture and heritage. The organization provides health and nutrition care through a permanent clinic in Santa Cruz la Laguna and a traveling clinic around Lake Atitlán. Julia will be working with patients, doctors, and translators to help administer care and to implement a nutrition supplement program for malnourished children. She will also take patient medical histories, help with examinations, and explain treatment and medication guidelines to patients and their families. Through this fellowship, Julia hopes to decide whether or not she wants to pursue a career in medicine. She is very passionate about bioethical and public health issues and wants to work to address health care disparity. In addition, Julia hopes to improve her medical Spanish.


Tashi Wangmo '14
Major: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
CSO: VOICE 4 Girls in Hyderabad, India

VOICE 4 Girls focuses on teaching life skills and the power of gender equality to adolescent girls through activity-based spoken English programs. The organization works with girls from underprivileged backgrounds, exposing them to topics such as body awareness, community safety, and career opportunities through an interactive curriculum, providing a forum for these girls to find their own voices and develop the confidence needed to succeed. Tashi will be working as a field coordinator with their Adolescent Girl Peer Leadership Program, assisting with curriculum development and implementation, focusing on women's health, rights, education, and professional skills. She will also teach girls how to be peer leaders, facilitating peer mentoring sessions. By holding focus groups, Tashi will also help identify and address key problems facing the girls in the community. Tashi's experience as a Sexual Assault Peer Advisor (SAPA) and a Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor (DAPA) at Dartmouth, as well as a volunteer for a nursing home, will help her identify and address some of the key issues of the community. In addition, her past research and shadowing experience in a hospital setting in India has exposed her to the health and sanitation problems of the region, and inspired her to pursue a career in public health.

Last Updated: 6/18/13