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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Spring 2012 Fellows

David August Oddlefison '13august

Medical & Health Outreach Volunteer
Centro de Salud Pacata and Vivo en Positivo 
Cochabamba, Bolivia

This spring, August will be traveling to Cochabamba, Bolivia, to volunteer with Centro de Salud Pacata and Vivo en Positivo. Located in northern Cochabamba, the health clinic Centro de Salud Pacata offers affordable healthcare which emphasizes community wellness through outreach to local schools and community centers. While there, August will help with patient intake and assist doctors and nurses in daily clinic duties. His past experiences and training as a member of Dartmouth EMS will enable him to responsibly engage in medical service. The second organization August will be volunteering with, Vivo en Positivo, is an organization serving the Valles region of Bolivia, supporting individuals who are HIV+. He will facilitate workshops teaching leadership skills and promoting both the social and biological understandings of HIV/AIDS. While volunteering in the Dominican Republic last year through a Tucker ASB program, August gained valuable experiences which will support his endeavors, including speaking Spanish, teaching a first aid class and participating in intercultural communication with individuals from various socio-economic backgrounds. He hopes to use these skills to create meaningful relationships with the community he will be serving and build an "equal and positive service relationship."

Shiyuan Liu '14shiyuan

Medical & Rural Healthcare Volunteer
Lingyuan Central Hospital
Linguyan, Liaoning, China

Shiyuan Liu will travel back to her country of birth, China, this spring to work at the Lingyuan Central Hospital in Liaoning Province.  The hospital she will be working in also has a local community clinic which offers more affordable medical care to rural residents.  Shiyuan hopes to divide her time between Lingyuan Central and the nearby community clinic to more fully utilize her medical skills.  While at the hospital, she will work alongside doctors, assist nurses with basic patient intake and minor procedures, as well as observe on rounds.  Her past experiences interning, researching, and shadowing experiences at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center will help her support the medical staff at both the hospital and clinic. Shiyuan’s previous experience volunteering at Dartmouth Cancer and Patient Services and with the Chinese Teaching Society will enable her to communicate with patients with compassion.  Shiyuan believes her American and Chinese cultural identities will enable her to serve China while learning more about Asian medical systems.

Edgar Sandoval '14edgar

Youth Education & Women's Empowerment, Teacher
Light and Leadership Institute
Huaycan, Peru

Edgar Sandoval will serve in Peru this spring as a teacher for the Light and Leadership Initiative. The goal of the program is to respond to the needs of the women and children in the Ate-Vitarte district of Lima, Peru. The organization works to improve the availability and quality of education offered to women and children in an effort to overcome poverty. Edgar will serve primarily as a teacher of English, math and science, but will also participate in the extra-curricular programs run by the organization. He will work directly with the women of the community in the computer skills training program. Edgar brings many skills and experiences to this fellowship, the most significant of which are his experiences as a tutor for America Reads and his native proficiency in Spanish. He has participated in numerous leadership training program on campus and will be leading an Alternative Spring Break trip to Kentucky this year. His planned work with the Light and Leadership Initiative is a perfect blend of his interests in education and women's empowerment. Edgar sees this fellowship as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and he seeks to challenge himself in service of others. Upon graduating, Edgar hopes to work with the Peace Corps before pursuing a PhD and becoming a professor. 

Ruth McGovern '12ruth

Public Health and Education
Ollantaytambo, Peru

Ruth will spend her spring term working with Awamaki in rural Peru. The organization works directly with impoverished Quechua women weavers to improve their skills and increase their access to market, thereby revitalizing an endangered weaving tradition while affording Quechua women with a reliable source of income. Awamaki seeks to support sustainable community development in Ollantaytambo and nearby villages. It runs several projects in service of this mission including healthcare, education and sustainable tourism. Ruth will be contributing to the weaving, public health and education projects. In addition to helping provide basic healthcare in a local clinic, she will assist with home visits to disabled persons and facilitate public health education in an afterschool program. Ruth will spend the latter half of her fellowship working as a teacher in the local school where she will teach physical and health education, computer literacy and English. Ruth’s proficiency in Spanish, medical certifications and past experiences tutoring children have helped prepare her for her volunteering work at Awamaki. In addition to the many new practical skills she will learn, she hopes to gain greater independence and confidence and to use her interactions with Peruvian culture to expand the ways she views herself and others.

Trevor Gulick-Stutz '14trevor

Public Health, Medical Volunteer
Kausay Wasi
Coya, Peru

Trevor Gulick-Stultz will be travelling to Coya, Peru to work with Kuasay Wasi. The organization runs a medical clinic in the Sacred Valley that provides medical care to some of the poorest citizens of Peru. The clinic provides general medical care seven days a week at little or no cost to the patient. Kuasay Wasi sees over 500 patients each week and has provided care to over 100,000 low-income Peruvians in the last five years. Trevor will work directly with the doctors and medical practitioners to administer care. As a member of Dartmouth's Ski Patrol, Trevor has extensive training in Outdoor Emergency Care and has CPR certification. He has experience living and working in foreign communities and will draw upon these experiences to navigate the Peruvian community that he will serve. With this exposure to global healthcare challenges, Trevor hopes to broaden his skill set by combining his love for travel with his goal of becoming a medical practitioner. A strong believer in the value of reciprocal relationships, he hopes to share his stories and experiences with doctors at the clinic. Trevor expects this experience will challenge and inspire him as he grows personally, professionally and spiritually. 


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