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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Fall 2012 Tucker Fellows

Saida Makhmudzade '14saida

Major: Government (International Relations)
The Amy Biehl Foundation
Cape Town, South Africa

The Amy Biehl Foundation's mission is to educate and empower youth in impoverished townships in and around Cape Town, South Africa. It targets kids from 6 to 18 years of age in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty by creating leaders in the community. By providing after school programs in the arts and other activities, the foundation aims to keep them away from drugs, youth violence, and other criminal activity. Saida will assist the Amy Biehl Foundation by teaching an academic class during regular school hours, and a comprehensive after-school arts program that will introduce kids to music and dance. Saida hopes to address the poverty and criminality issues by providing a creative outlet in after-school activities. A performer herself, Saida understands the value of the arts in building self-confidence and trust in others—values she considers crucial to keep kids off the streets and engaged in their education. Saida has played the flute for 10 years and learned the recorder beforehand. She has also been involved with theatre throughout her life. At Dartmouth, Saida is a member of Casual Thursday, an improvisational comedy group.

Audrey Chow '14audrey

Major: Cognitive Science; minor in Neuroscience, Economics
Volunteer Service and Support Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer Service and Support Nepal is a non-profit organization that serves to enrich the lives of deprived children, families and individuals primarily through education and health services. Audrey will be working as a medical volunteer at the Chapagaun Primary Health Care and Resource Centre. At the health center, she will observe daily clinical activities as well as provide basic care and assistance to the clinic's doctors and staff. In addition to her work at the health center, Audrey will also participate in outreach camps that provide medical support and health education to rural communities without access to appropriate health services. An EMT-B with experience working with rural mobile clinics, Audrey is well prepared to assist doctors in their daily work, and will be a valuable resource in the organization's outreach camps. Audrey is a Cognitive Science major and she is interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

Michael Zhu '14mike zhu

Major: Chemistry; minor in Government
World Partners in Education

World Partners in Education is a volunteer organization that aims to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Southern Ghana, specifically at the NAP Academy. Michael's work with World Partners in Education is multifaceted: he will serve as a mentor to students, in addition to providing after-school academic assistance to them, and even teaching classes if need be. Michael has ample experience working with kids both as a mentor and a teacher: at Dartmouth, he mentors under-privileged youth in the Upper Valley area as a member of DREAM, and he has taught ski lessons to mentally and physically disabled people. Michael is a member of the Dartmouth Cords and one day hopes to become a doctor.

Janae Dunchack '14janae

Major: Neuroscience
Manna Rescue Home & Y.E.S. Uganda

The Manna Rescue Home works to supply love and care for HIV positive children. The organization fulfills its goal by educating these children and by providing them with food and a roof. Janae will serve as an academic tutor and a mentor for kids, providing academic reinforcement and playing with them during after-school hours. She will also assist the staff of the rescue home by helping them with daily chores, and by teaching them computer skills that they can use to run the home more efficiently. A pre-med student with an interest in teaching, Janae hopes that this fellowship will allow her to explore both of those interests, while providing her with the opportunity to travel outside the country--something Janae has never done before. At Dartmouth, Janae is a member of the Track and Field team, with which she competes in the heptathlon.

Elisabeth Seyferth '14elise

Major: Biology
The Real Uganda

The Real Uganda is a non-profit organization that raises awareness globally about the challenges and successes encountered by the people of Uganda. Elise will be working in communities around Mpoma to address the lack of public health resources and food security. Relating to public health, she will be collaborating with a number of NGOs in and around Mpoma, performing basic curative health and first aid, providing mosquito nets families who need them, and counseling on HIV related issues. Elise will also teach basic sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition to members of the communities. Relating to food security, Elise's work will consist of hands-on work in the school's organic farm, digging demonstration gardens and building energy-efficient stoves for single-parent households in the area. Elise hopes to gain a contextual basis for her knowledge of biology and her own research in the subject. Elise is a member of the Dartmouth College Nordic Ski Team.

Last Updated: 12/20/12