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Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Current Tucker Fellows

Summer 2015 Tucker Fellows



Andrea Price
Andrea Price '16
Major: Engineering

Class of 1954 Victor C. Mahler Prize

Development of National Reference Laboratory
Build Health International and Partners In Health
Mirebalais, Haiti

Partners in Health is a nonprofit committed to bringing the benefits of modern healthcare to populations most in need in dozens of locations around the world. In order to achieve its mission to deliver healthcare to disadvantaged populations, PIH partners with Build Health International to facilitate the design, construction, and furnishing of healthcare facilities in impoverished areas. These facilities make it possible to provide improved standards of care to those most in need of modern health technologies.
Haiti is one of the world's poorest nations, and the persisting lack of healthcare infrastructure is exacerbated by the needs of a population continuing to recover from the devastating earthquake in 2010. During the summer of 2015, Andrea will work with a team of Haitian and American engineers to design and facilitate the construction of a new medical research laboratory in Mirebalais, Haiti. This facility will provide training, research, and treatment capabilities to the general population to a degree that has never been seen in Haiti before. Andrea will be training local employees in construction and masonry techniques, safety protocols, and teaching English. This will provide members of a disadvantaged population the opportunity to learn marketable skills that will allow them to better provide for their families for the rest of their lives.
Andrea hales from Redmond, WA, is an Engineering major and is involved in many campus groups and activities including DOC, Dartmouth EMS, club swim, GlobeMed, and teaches PE skiing.


Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis '18
Anticipated Major: Computer Science

A Broader View Volunteer
Liberty Children's Home
Ladyville, Belize

Liberty Children's Home mission is to care for abused, neglected, and orphaned children in Belize. It provides physical, emotional, and educational support for these children with very high standards on all fronts. Liberty believes that no child should have their future limited by their past, and their mission is to provide each child with all possible support and opportunities to fulfill their potential and their goals. A very dedicated, full-time staff and seasonal volunteers comprise the human resources available to the children at Liberty. Trevor will be working in conjunction with A Broader View Volunteers, an organization that places volunteers around the world with the goal of serving others, developing volunteers as individuals, and fostering the development of a global community. At Liberty Children's Home, Trevor will be working directly with the children, assisting them with schoolwork and recreational activities. While the children are at school or otherwise busy, Trevor will be gardening, farming, and cleaning to assist Liberty in the fulfillment of their mission to operate sustainably. As a former camp counselor and now as the co-leader of a community service team at Dartmouth, Trevor has had many opportunities to learn the dynamic and reciprocal nature of service, as well as to work specifically with children. Trevor chose Belize partly because the national language is English, and he wants to offer his talents and efforts somewhere that he can make a real difference through effective communication. He says that he expects he will gain more from the experience than he is able to give, but he can't wait to work with the children at Liberty and help them in every way he can.


 Samwell Bahebe

Samwell Bahebe '18
Charity Internship
Compassion, Children's Organization, Pentecostal Assembly of God
Mwanza, Tanzania

My name is Samwel Bahebe '18 from Tanzania. I graduated from Isamilo high school with a distinction in Cambridge International certificate. At Isamilo, I was the captain of the school's soccer team and participated in the National Championship League. In addition to sports, I participated in Agha khan HIV/AIDS Campaign, conducted children's choir and tutored science subjects to local children in Tanzania. At Dartmouth, I am a member of Collis Governing Board, African Jabulani Chorus, and volunteered American Cancer Society Relay for Life at Dartmouth. As whole, these experiences have shaped me not only how I interact with different people, but also understand the challenges of other human beings. My goal is to utilize my knowledge and skills as an educated teenager to help improve the lives of children in developing countries as well as fostering my personal growth in the long run. As a Tucker fellow, I will be working with destitute children from Tanzania tutoring health education and promoting healthier living style through various outdoor activities. Aside from classes, I hope that my talents and passion in singing would also help to reinforce the children's relationship with God.


 Adina Harri

Adina Harri '18
Potential Major: Neuroscience

AAI Fellow
Albanian Alps Institute
Shkodër, Albania

AAI's mission is to support improved quality of educational opportunities for the children and youth of the isolated Malsia e Madhe region of Northern Albania. The organization works on supplying schools with broader libraries, English classes, school repairs, and scholarships for students to attend high schools. This summer, they are launching a program to teach kids about proper health and nutrition. As an AAI fellow, Adina will be interacting with elementary-age children through fun games and activities to teach them about the importance of eating healthy and staying active, and she will also be teaching conversational English. Adina will be traveling from village to village in the surrounding area and living with Albanian families in each village, which will give her the opportunity to serve in their households and formulate close relationships with the villagers while serving as a role model for the children in the community. As a member of the Women's Water Polo Club Team and Co-Leader of the Christian Union Community Service team at Dartmouth, Adina has the experience it takes to foster a team attitude and to effectively organize service opportunities. Adina's experience as a swim coach and as a proud older sister will also give her the needed skills in serving as a role model and mentor for the younger kids, and her fluency in Albanian will allow her to serve as a liaison between other members of the organization and the Albanian people. In the Albanian Alps, Adina hopes to build strong relationships with the families she will work with, serving as a positive influence on their youth, and she hopes to strengthen her connection to her Albanian heritage and her passion for serving others.


 Silvia Arora

Silvia Arora '16
Major: Hispanic Studies and minors in Biology and Chemistry

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

REDNAJCER (La red nacional de jovenes viviendo con VIH y/o SIDA) is non-profit organization that was founded to increase the participation of youth living with HIV and to ensure that they receive the best quality of healthcare possible. Its mission is to end discrimination against HIV positive individuals and advocate for policies that provide government support and funding for HIV treatment and care. REDNAJCER engages in research, social mobilization of youth through community education programs and a community monitoring program that includes surveys to assess the treatment, privacy and access to care at four clinics in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As a fellow, Silvia will be involved in community outreach to assess healthcare received by HIV positive youth through the organization's community monitoring program that conducts surveys in the community to make these assessments. She will also be working to involve youth in organization's efforts, which include programs to inform youth of their rights to enable them to demand more of government services, and she will also help with social mobilization to promote and protect human rights by organizing and participating in campaigns raising awareness and ending discrimination/violations of human rights, including the campaign for inclusion of funding for antiretroviral drugs in the public healthcare system. She will accompany staff to clinics as they collect information from patients and healthcare providers to better assess the healthcare patients receive in these clinics in Santo Domingo. Silvia is interested in this work because culture, politics, education and socioeconomic status all affect one's access to healthcare and also limit the care that doctors can provide. Culture and social stigmas also dictate whether individuals are marginalized and 'forgotten' by the system. At Dartmouth, Silvia is a Sexpert and SAPA but she hopes this experience will help her to understand this interaction and the movements in progress to counteract the prejudices present against stigmatized diseases since she would like to dedicate her future work to reforming healthcare policies so that they better address the holistic needs of the patient, especially in the field of reproductive health and specifically in Latin America.


Precious Kilimo

Precious Kilimo '18
 CROSS Fellow Recipient
Mwamba Field Study Centre
A Rocha Kenya, Malindi, Kenya

A Rocha Kenya (ARK) is a Christian non- profit organization committed to environmental action through community based conservation projects. Based mainly in Watamu, a village in the Kenyan coastal county of Kilifi near Malindi, it operates its conservation programs out of a residential center Mwamba. A Rocha Kenya strives to improve the lives of Kilifi inhabitants by educating them on good land stewardship practices to ensure that they both utilize and protect the environment around them. By carrying out environmental education in local schools and encouraging community conservation and accountability, A Rocha is making strides in ensuring harmony between man and nature. As a fellow, Precious will carry out Community Outreach programs through working with the forest association and the local county government. She will also conduct environmental education through visit to schools and organizing after school activities with children to learn more about the environment. At Dartmouth, Precious is involved in Christian Union, Jabulani African Chorus, and conducts research in the Ecology Department through the Women in Science Program. Precious is very excited to be in a situation where she can actively live out her faith and commitment to service every day.


 Loveridge Bere

Loveridge A W Bere '18
Anticipated Major: Engineering

HIV Awareness and Patient Management
Centers for Disease Control & Education USA

I shall get training and additional support from the Centers for Disease Control and EducationUSA in disseminating information to teenagers of school-going age in a rural village in my country as response to the high risk that children living with, and taking care of infected people incur. This project is especially important to me because it is in one of the less accessible villages, where government and other NGO activity is limited in such matters, and also because this is a group of children who tend to drop out of school. The project shall include the construction of sustainable vegetable gardens to help improve the diets of these families. On campus, I don't do that much but have been a Great Issues Scholar and am a representative of the Dartmouth African Students Association, which is on organization that has helped me realize the power of grassroots action in combating 'big' issues. My major is still undecided, but am most likely to pursue an Engineering major and a minor that has to do with international development studies.



Else Drooff '18
Summer 2015
Prospective Major: Economics

Teaching Fellow
Breakthrough Collaborative: Summerbridge
Hong Kong

Summerbridge Hong Kong, part of the Breakthrough Collaborative, provides tuition-free after school and summer academic programs for underprivileged middle school students living in estates (government housing) in Hong Kong. Summerbridge hires university students from the United States, Canada, England, and Hong Kong to teach unique classes with a goal of English immersion. Else will be teaching an entirely self-planned business and marketing class in Wan Chai, Hong Kong for eight weeks this summer. Else is excited to attend teacher training week and write letters to her students weekly as part of the Summerbridge tradition. At Dartmouth, Else is interested in studying economics along with a double minor in education and public policy. She is also actively involved in the Handel Society, the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative, co-chapter leader of Students for Education Reform, a Collis After Dark intern, and a mentor for the Dickey Great Issues Scholar Program.


 Maya Srinivasan

Maya Lakshmi Srinivasan '18
Major/Minor: Math major modified Studio Art, French & Global Health double minor

Teacher's Assistant & Intern
Globalteer, Helping Hands Cambodia
Siem Reap, Cambodia

The United Kingdom-based non-profit organization, Globalteer, strives to create a world in which human and animal suffering is minimized and the future of the planet is safeguarded by harnessing the goodwill of people. Globalteer fulfills this mission by bringing volunteers together to work on projects that develop communities that lack the resources for education, clean water, and other essentials. Maya will be volunteering at the Iqbal School in Siem Reap in the village of Prasat Char, assisting English classes for children ages 4-12. While volunteering in the classroom everyday, Maya will give correct English pronunciation; read English passages to the class demonstrating pronunciation, fluency, and intonation; work with groups or individuals during the lessons; engage the children in educational and creative activities; ask the students questions; and encourage the children in and out of the classroom giving them the opportunity to speak English. At Dartmouth, Maya is part of the Dartmouth Subtleties, writes for Standpoints magazine, and works as a research assistant for a Geisel Professor of Epidemiology. During her Tucker Fellowship, Maya is most excited to work with young children and serve as a mentor both in and out of the classroom, inspiring the children to love learning.


 Benjamin Farrar

Benjamin Farrar '18
Major: Undeclared

Children's Education Volunteer
Seeds of Hope
Huaraz, Peru

Seeds of Hope provides a safe environment to help impoverished students achieve academic and social success. The mission of Seeds of Hope is to support children living in extreme poverty in Huaraz, Peru and to provide vocational training for those without economic means. As a volunteer, Ben will help provide children with academic and personal skills that will contribute to their future potential. He also will research the Peruvian education system, and reach out to facilitate dialogue about the education of impoverished children. At Dartmouth, Ben is a member of the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club, the Dartmouth Ski Patrol, and writes for the Chronicle. To further his Spanish education, he will study abroad as part of the Cuzco LSA+ this fall. Ben hopes to gain an understanding of the issues that people living in poverty face and make a positive change as a mentor and friend for the children of Huaraz.


 Kelly Chen

Kelly Yaning Chen '18
Major: Economics and Environmental Studies

Classroom Assistant
Education for the Children Foundation
Jocotenango, Guatemala

The Education for the Children Foundation's mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education, empowerment and enterprise. EFTC supports youth by providing free education, food, healthcare and shelter, enabling students to become literate, healthy and skilled, so that they are able to overcome poverty and inspire their community. Kelly will be working as a Classroom Assistant in the primary school section at EFTC's School of Hope, where she will organize and teach English programming, as well as coordinate extra-curricular activities. At Dartmouth, Kelly is a member of the Hood Museum's Student Advisory Board, The Dartmouth's Advertising Staff, the Dartmouth Council on Climate Change and a volunteer at Haven After School. Kelly is looking forward to creating a positive impact through service, and to supporting and mentoring underprivileged youth through education.


 Alexis Wyatt

Alexis Wyatt '18
Childcare Assistant

UBELONG'S mission is to "bring people together across borders to share their humanity and take action for positive change." The organization operates in ten different countries around the world, and works to provide social services to under-resourced communities. This summer, Alexis will be working at a day care center in Quito, Ecuador. She will utilize her experience with children to assist in the care of children, as well as maintenance of the day care itself. Alexis will also work to keep the children entertained and informed about topics such as culture and hygiene. In high school, Alexis assisted with the care of the young and the elderly while volunteering at the Harvest Home in Akron, Ohio, as well as Senior Independence Adult Day-Care, also in Akron. At Dartmouth, Alexis is involved in the NAACP, Ujima dance troupe, and will soon be an Undergraduate Advisor. While in Ecuador, Alexis hopes to further develop her Spanish skills. Alexis is very excited to work with the people and children in Quito and to experience a different country for the first time in her life.


 Buki Shilongonyane

Buki Sihlongonyane '18
Major: Undeclared

Literacy Coordinator
Reading Association of Swaziland
Mbabane, Swaziland

The Reading Association of Swaziland is a non-governmental organization that is aimed at improving the quality of education in Swaziland's schools and the level of literacy of children in Swaziland. It recognizes the lack of resources in terms of reading books and reading programs for children of primary school age in a country whose government often does not prioritize its spending on books. As someone who plans to start her own non-profit organization centering on women's literacy, this project is perfect for Buki as she will be assisting the group in the mass production, purchasing, re-printing and distribution of children's books to severely under-resourced areas. She will also be involved in a children's reading project. Hailing from Mbabane, Swaziland, she is interested in a Neuroscience major and a minor in Women and Gender Studies, as well as the global health certificate, and plans to venture into public health when she completes college. Here at Dartmouth she has taken on the role of Chair of Programming for the African Students Association and works a part-time job, while also being involved in Soyeya African Dance Troupe, Jabulani African Chorus and Gospel Choir.


 Hollye Swinehart

Hollye Swinehart '18
Major: Undecided
English Instructor
Thai Christian Foundation
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai Christian Foundation offers adolescents displaced by the conflict within Myanmar. Before coming to Thailand all of these students lived in cramped refugee camps along the border. The Thai Christian Foundation offers them a home and an opportunity to further their education. At the Blueng Klung Home students ranging in age from toddlers to late teens find opportunity not available in the camps. Most employers and higher-level schools favor those with knowledge of English. Due to this I will be living with the students and teaching them English. As a Dartmouth student I am actively involved in Christian Union, Aspire, and Dartmouth Law Journal. I look forward to becoming acquainted to my students. I am eager to be a part of an organization that provides hope in grim circumstance.


 Andrew Boules

Andrew Boules '18
Major: Economics

Educational Development Intern
Jackie's Clinic Program
Seoul, South Korea

Jackie's Clinic in South Korea has the soul intention of providing a consistent, well-rounded education to students in under privileged areas through after school tutoring programs. Since after-school programs hold such large presences in the Korean education system, attending after school tutoring sessions are imperative to the majority of students' success; however, those who can are unable to afford these tutoring programs are left to fall behind their peers. As a teacher for Jackie's Clinic, Andrew will be teaching classes of English full-time for his stay in Seoul, South Korea. Andrew will be expected to not only help such kids progress in their English proficiency, but also to serve as a mentor and guide for those he works with. As a past coach and Eagle Scout, Andrew has gained experience in leadership and is looking forward to broadening his skills in reaching out to the community around him. Andrew is involved in Dimensions, the Hill Winds Society, and plays on the Men's Water Polo team at Dartmouth College.

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