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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Summer 2013 DPCS Interns

Andrew Nalani '16andrew dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Transformative Education and Youth Empowerment Intern"
Partners for Youth Empowerment
Langley, WA

Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to awaken the purpose, power and possibility of young people throughout the world. As an intern, Andrew will be working directly with youths on a 9-day empowerment camp and he will provide creative facilitation training for emerging youth leaders involved in the Community Garden Leadership Training at Whidbey Institute. He will also lead creative art workshops that develop self-awareness and esteem with at-risk youth staying at Ryan's House, a homeless shelter for youths. Andrew has worked with PYE previously in Uganda as a guest facilitator, which inspired him to work with the organization in a greater capacity. He is also passionate about music, dance and drama as tools for empathetic engagement, which he will bring to his internship this summer. Andrew hopes to take what he learns at PYE and apply PYE's model to an East African youth leadership next summer that he is currently planning.

Simone Wien '16simone dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Manhattan Transformation Grant Coalition Intern"
Partnership for a Healthier New York City
New York, NY

The Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan was created as part of a city-wide effort to eliminate health disparities and improve the overall health of those who live in Manhattan by significantly reducing preventable chronic diseases. As an intern, Simone will be working with members of the grant coalition to create educational material to disseminate too food retailers, as well as organize nutrition and healthy eating workshops to be conducted in various communities. She will engage with food retailers to promote healthy eating through special promotions and by disseminating information to customers about healthy foods. Her Spanish-speaking background and familiarity with Washington Heights and Harlem will allow Simone to communicate effectively with the clients of the Partnership for a Healthier Manhattan. Simone believes that direct interaction with people, combined with institutional support, is one of the most effective ways to address health disparities across cultures. Simone is passionate about public health and hopes that this internship will provide her with a better understanding of the intersection of health policy and social justice.

Christine Auberle '14christine dpcs 13x
Major: Biology

"Community Service Intern"
Health Care for Homeless Veterans
Toledo, OH

The mission of the Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) program is to end homelessness among veterans by conducting outreach to those who are the most vulnerable. This includes providing access to a range of medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment at VA Medical Centers and clinics. As an intern, Christine will be working with a VA Master Level Social Worker to meet with individual veterans to discuss their situation and identify sources of assistance. She will also provide military surplus supplies, such as clothing or camping gear, to those in need of shelter. Christine was inspired to work with veterans after working with Dartmouth Ears, which allowed her the opportunity to visit with veterans suffering from mental health problems in the Upper Valley. She wants to gain a better understanding of the role of health, mental health and healthcare in relation to homelessness among veterans. Christine hopes to become a physician so that she can directly improve others' well-being. She hopes that this challenging experience can help prepare her to provide valuable assistance to the most vulnerable populations in the future.

Cody Cushing '14cody dpcs 13x
Major: Biology

"Summer Community Intern"
Winooski, VT

DREAM is a youth mentoring program that pairs children in affordable housing communities with college students to empower them and provide encouragement and guidance. As an intern, Cody will interact with all facets of DREAM, including programming activities for the kids and encouraging family involvement in those programs. He will also meet with prospective DREAM mentees and encourage them to become part of DREAM during the regular school year. Cody hopes contribute to DREAM's mission by providing a source of stability to children experiencing continuous cycles of instability. He also hopes to develop stronger ties within the Upper Valley community. Cody hopes to pursue a career in medicine and he believes that this internship will provide him with valuable skills by allowing him to interact with kids and their parents. Most importantly, Cody wants to act as a positive influence for kids in a community that he has become so familiar with.

Silvia Arora '16silvia dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Public Affairs and Community Outreach Intern"
Planned Parenthood
Hempstead, NY

Planned Parenthood strives to provide preventative healthcare by offering services such as contraception, STI screenings, Pap smear tests, and breast exams. Its mission is to provide healthcare and to enable patients to make educated decisions about their healthcare. As an intern, Silvia will conduct outreach and advocacy in Nassau County. She will facilitate outreach programs at local colleges, community fairs, concerts and campus events that will educate students about services available at Planned Parenthood and about reproductive health in general. While undergoing "Sexperts" training at Dartmouth, Silvia was surprised to learn about the varied levels of sex education among her peers. She hopes to work with Planned Parenthood to help educate teens in her community as well as gain experience working in an affordable reproductive health clinic. Silvia is passionate about healthcare inequities and hopes to become a physician later on to address these disparities.

Eric Yang '14
Major: Biology, Economics

"Community Health Engagement Intern"
Children's National Medical Center
Washington D.C.

Children's National Medical Center is a nonprofit hospital and the only one in the D.C. area that exclusively serves children. CNMC, along with a community health clinic partner Mary's Center, enable youth to acquire quality health treatments and allow them and their families to be active participants in generating positive health outcomes. As an intern, Eric will develop programming with local teens to provide information on health and wellness topics. He will serve as a youth mentor at Mary's Center, where he will support the free health clinic and tutoring Spanish-speaking program participants. Eric describes the problem with U.S. health care as a problem with equity in service access and provision of health education for at-risk youth. He hopes that this internship will expose him to health challenges and best practices so he is better prepared in the future to tackle issues of health care. Eric plans on entering the healthcare field, but is unsure of what capacity he would like to work in. He hopes that his internship at CNMC can point him in the right direction.

Autumn White Eyes '14autumn dpcs 13x
Major: Native American Studies, English

"Teacher's Aid and Mentor"
Red Cloud Indian School
Pine Ridge, SD

The Red Cloud Indian School educates 600 students at two campuses across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Its mission is to educate the mind and spirit by promoting Lakota and Catholic values. As an intern, Autumn will be a teacher's aide for the summer school program so that she can provide students with extra attention if necessary. She will also work as a tour guide so she can educate visitors on the history of the Lakota tribe and school. Autumn is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe and an alumnus of the Red Cloud Indian School. Her background provides her with an added understanding of the youth in Pine Ridge that will make her an effective teacher's aide. Autumn is concerned by the low retention rate of Native students and she hopes that her internship will help address this problem at a more direct level. She would like to serve as a role model for the students she teaches this summer. After Dartmouth, Autumn hopes to work with Native American youth through a non-profit organization. She believes that this internship will provide a solid basis for that future.

Fermin Liu '15fermin dpcs 13x
Major: Government, Women & Gender Studies

"Legal Investigative Intern"
Legal Aid Society
West Palm Beach, FL

The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County provides legal service to the disadvantaged populations to give them a voice in the legal system. Its mission is "to protect their personal safety, enhance their opportunities and living conditions and promote self-sufficiency." Fermin will be working closely with the lawyers of the Juvenile Advocacy program to visit foster homes and juvenile detention centers. Fermin will also work on a solo project to make the foster care system and juvenile detention centers more LGBTQ friendly. Fermin believes that his work in minority empowerment through organizations like VOICE 4 Girls will be especially applicable to this internship. He thinks that this internship will provide him with first-hand experience in understanding how advocacy works. He aspires to be a civil rights prosecutor so he can promote equality for women, LGBTQ members and all other minorities. Towards this end, this internship will be a great opportunity to learn how to better inform public policies and laws of the specific needs and problems of individual groups.

Yomalis Rosario '15dpcs 13x yomalis
Major: History, African & African-American Studies

"Teacher and Mentor"
TEAK Fellowship
New York, NY

The TEAK Fellowship is an organization that supports New York City students from under-resourced backgrounds by offering summer academic programming, community service and internship opportunities. Its mission is to support enthusiastic students of low-income families who are committed to being challenged and taking advantage of the educational opportunities offered to them. As an intern, Yomalis will be a co-teacher and peer leader for thirty rising seventh graders during TEAK's summer exploration. On campus, Yomalis is a member of the Women of Color Collective and is a UGA. As a TEAK alumnus and volunteer teacher, Yomalis has become committed to transforming education into a humanizing experience. She has set her heart on changing the world through education. TEAK's summer program represents the kind of educational work that she is eager to pursue in the future. She believes that this teaching opportunity is key in her academic and personal growth toward a career in education.

Jessica Ma '16jessma dpcs 13x
Major: Biology, International Studies

"Adult Education Tutor"
Project Hope
Roxbury, MA

Project Hope is an organization that strives to educate low-income women in the Roxbury-Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston by offering ESL, math, reading comprehension, interview skills and GED classes. Jess will be working as a classroom assistant and personal tutor in the Basic Adult Education class as well as the ESL summer classes. Additionally, she will engage in one-on-one tutoring to help prepare women for the GED exam. Jess believes that her tutoring experience has given her the ability to connect with many different people on a more personal level, which will make her an effective teacher this summer. By working at Project Hope, she hopes to play an active role in helping women achieve their full potential. Jess hopes to eventually pursue a career in global health, and she thinks that her internship with Project Hope will give her experience in interacting with a mosaic of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Karen Wen '16karen dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Youth Programs Intern"
International Rescue Committee
San Diego, CA

The International Rescue Committee strives to help people survive, recover and rebuild their lives. The IRC resettles refugees and provides food, housing, English lessons, employment aid, and youth programming. Karen will serve as a K-5 Summer Program leader and youth programs intern. As such, she will lead reading groups to improve students' English vocabulary, comprehension and speaking ability, and she will take the children on field trips. At the end of the summer, she will devise and teach a weeklong session for all participants. Karen will bring her experience in education and working with children to her internship. She considers educational inequality in the US one of the primary social justice issue of our time. She believes that education is one of the most valuable tools in empowering underprivileged segments of the population. Karen hopes that this internship will teach her more about the refugee community and reaffirm her decision to minor in Education at Dartmouth.

Victoria Fernandez '14victoria dpcs 13x
Major: History, Hispanic Studies

"Intern and Youth Mentor"
Youth Employment Summer (YES) Program
New York, NY

Youth Employment Services is an enrichment program that offers motivated youth from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to work in a professional office during the summer. As the YES intern, Victoria will coordinate pre-employment screenings, training sessions, and employer follow-ups. Every Friday she will lead the group's participants on fieldtrips to different cultural sites around the city. She will also lead a weekend visit to Dartmouth. For most of the programs participants, this will be the first business internship they have ever had. Victoria's experience as a FYSEP mentor, UGA, and classroom intern have equipped her with both the managerial and mentoring skills necessary for a YES intern. Victoria hopes to become a secondary school teacher after Dartmouth. She believes that this internship will provide her with insight into the New York City school system and issues that impact the communities students live in. Though her main focus is education, Victoria believes that this internship will expose her to other social justice issues that she had not previously been aware of.

Melissa Cantave '16melissa dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Department of Emergency Intern"
Project Healthcare
New York, NY

Project Healthcare is a 10-week non-paid summer internship program at Bellevue Hospital's Emergency Department, created to give students exposure and experience with different aspects of the healthcare process. The Bellevue Hospital is a public hospital and its clients, mainly those coming into the Emergency Department for basic care or treatment, are in the lower socio-economic bracket and have no health insurance. As an intern, Melissa will be assisting doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and social workers in caring for patients. She will act as a patient advocate, making calls on their behalf, monitoring their length of stay, and interpreting for them. Melissa will also transport patients and observe medical procedures and assist with data collection for a health fair project and collect data for quality assurance research.
Melissa is passionate about public health and hopes that this internship will provide great exposure to various healthcare problems that America faces. On campus, Melissa serves as a Dartmouth EMS Squad Tertiary as well as a Women in Science Research Intern.

Abigail Macias '14abigail dpcs 13x
Major: English

"Outreach and Support Intern"
Center for Student Opportunity
Bethesda, MD

The Center for Student Opportunity is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering first-generation college students on the path to and through college. The Center develops targeted tools and resources to assist them in all aspects of the college experience, supports schools, organizations, and individuals who advise these students, and partners with four-year colleges and universities committed to serving and supporting them as well. As an intern, Abigail will dedicate her time to the "I'm First!" initiative by directly engaging with current and future first-generation college students in the D.C. metro area through one-on-one and small group discussions about the college experience. She will help organize workshops that will expose them to the college search and selection process as well as assist them with application and financial aid resources. Abigail is passionate about working with first-generation college students and wishes to pursue other opportunities to engage with similar individuals at Dartmouth and beyond. On campus, Abigail serves as a Research Assistant for the Department of Comparative Literature as well as a Class of 2014 Representative for the Council on Student Organizations.

Katie Zhang '16katie dpcs 13x
Major: Environmental Engineering

"Home Repair Intern"
White River Junction, VT

COVER is a small, community-based nonprofit organization located in the Upper Valley that fixes houses and implements weatherization for low-income families. It provides service to urgent home damage to homeowners who cannot afford to fix it themselves. COVER provides opportunities for community members to connect across socioeconomic borders through stories and a common building experience. As an intern, Katie will directly help build and fix houses on workdays every weekend to stay integrated within the community and to learn more about the physical work COVER pursues. During the weekdays, Katie will work in the ReCOVER store that sells environmentally friendly, recycled material, appliances, and furniture. Katie is passionate about bridging the socioeconomic gap that exists within the Upper Valley and wishes to assist this process through her volunteer work. On campus, Katie serves as a Human Rights Coordinator for the Dartmouth Amnesty International and as a member of the Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering club.

Semarley Jarrett '14semarley dpcs 13x
Major: Geography & Women's and Gender Studies

"Legal Aid Society Investigation Intern"
Legal Aid Society
New York, NY

The mission of the Legal Aid Society is to ensure that no New Yorker is denied access to justice because of poverty. The Legal Aid Society provides low-income families that cannot afford legal council with a range of free services in the Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights Practices. As an intern, Semarley will assist lawyers in investigating the facts of cases and in preparing the cases for trial. She will also help locate witnesses, conduct interviews, obtain written statements, perform criminal background checks, review crime scenes, serve subpoenas, prepare exhibits, and testify in court. Semarley is passionate about equal legal access and hopes that her work will help break the cyclical nature of poverty. On campus, Semarley is a mentor for the Dartmouth DREAM program, which works to form relationships between children from subsidized housing communities and Dartmouth students, and also serves as a Student Manager for the Collis Center for Student Involvement.

Tailour Garbutt '16tailour dpcs 13x
Major: Undecided

"Teen Center Intern"
A Place Called Home
Los Angeles, CA

A Place Called Home (APCH) aims to create a safe, constructive atmosphere for the children in the community of South Central Los Angeles. The youth center of APCH offers a wide variety of programs for children and young adults from the ages of 6-21. These programs are intended to build up the children, giving them self-confidence and a sense of purpose by engaging in a variety of areas including fine arts, tutoring, mentoring, and counseling. As an intern, Tailour will be working in the Teen Center with the Shaheen Scholars program. She will work with the Scholarship recipients in order to facilitate their transition into college life. Her goal is to prepare these students to step on to their college campuses in the fall, feeling confident in themselves and their abilities. On campus, Tailour is involved with the Dartmouth College Gospel Choir, the Dartmouth College Quest Scholars, and Mosaic.

Diandra Wong '14diandra 13x dpcs
Major: History

"Health Education Intern"
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center
New York, NY

The Charles B. Wang Community Health Center focuses on providing culturally relevant, patient-centered, and affordable health care services and health education to the underserved Asian American community in New York City. The Center serves as an advocate on behalf of the Asian American community who lack access to basic health care and education due to cultural, linguistic, or financial barriers. As an intern, Diandra will organize a student health education program by creating a curriculum, meeting with clinical leaders to set a curriculum, work with the Volunteer Coordinator and Health Education to pilot and implement the program by delivering the various health education programs directly to patients and the community. She will also engage with college and medical students interested in becoming student health educators. Diandra is passionate about public health and hopes that this internship will provide her with the insight regarding the blatant disparities in healthcare access within contemporary society. On campus, Diandra is a James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar Research Assistant for Prof. Edward Miller in the History Department as well as the Co-editor-in-chief of Standpoints, Dartmouth's Global Health Magazine.

Kate Shelton '14dpcs 13x kate
Major: Psychology & Women's and Gender Studies

"Development and Programming Fellow"
Philadelphia, PA

REQ.1 is a non-profit organization that provides victim-survivors of gender-based violence with safe and supportive outlets for physical activity, self-expression, and community connections. It is built on a socially responsible framework dedicated to healing, recuperation, and transition. REQ1 empowers its participants to transcend trauma and heal through movement and art. As an intern, Kate will be working directly in the development and implementation of projects for REQ1. She will develop programming for the community, personally implement and lead the programs, and train other volunteers to lead the programs. Kate is passionate about community integration and hopes that this internship will allow her to assist victims of gender-based violence and allow them to overcome both their physical and psychological damages. On campus, Kate is a Sexual Health Peer Advisor, an Eating Disorder Peer Advisor, and the President of The Real Beauty Initiative.

Devon Camp '14devon dpcs 13x
Major: Cognitive Science

"Developmental Services Intern"
Burlington, VT

The HowardCenter provides a variety of services including those for mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and child and family treatment. The mission of the HowardCenter is to improve the well-being of children, adults, families, and communities through reimbursements from Medicare, military insurance, state financed insurance, and payment assistance. As an intern, Devon will assist with the caretaking of two shared homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. She will be working in the facilities during the daytime hours and helping the patients with planning and management to grow a sense of independence. Devon is passionate about equal access to medical help and hopes this internship will allow her to directly experience some of the chronic issues surrounding healthcare. On campus, Devon is a tutor for the America Reads program and an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Whalen + Bucci Lab for the Dartmouth Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Casidhe Bethancourt '16dpcs 13x casidhe
Major: Neuroscience/Spanish

"Administrative Intern and Camp Counselor"
Children of Promise
Brooklyn, NY

Children of Promise is a non-profit organization founded on providing a supportive environment for children of incarcerated parents. Children of Promise understands that there is a certain stigma that comes with having an imprisoned family member and attempts to address this issue by providing an open and supportive environment where children can grow emotionally, academically, and creatively. They work to provide support for the children and families of the incarcerated by providing an afterschool program, a summer day camp, a mentoring program, and mental health programs to over 200 children a year. As an intern, Casidhe will be spending the majority of the time directly working with the summer day camp as a camp counselor. Casidhe will be planning activities such as dance, arts and crafts, sports, academics, and swimming. Previously, Casidhe was a Volunteer for the Neuroscience Unit at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and on campus, Casidhe have been involved as an Ecology Research Assistant.

Christine Ryu '14christine ryu dpcs 13x
Major: Anthropology

"Health Education and Patient Outreach Intern"
Denton Community Health Clinic
Denton, TX

The Denton Community Health Clinic (DCHC) aims to provide quality health care to everyone, regardless of health insurance status or ability to pay. DCHC is powered by funds and grants and the work of volunteers. The clinic works with patients who are unable to afford, and provides greatly reduced to no fees and reaches out to the homeless population for low-cost, high-quality services. As an intern, Christine will be focusing on preventive care and will spend much of her patient interaction time explaining the specifics and importance of diet, exercise, and steady maintenance of general well-being. She will refer patients to appropriate resources depending on patients' health and social needs. Christine hopes that this internship will allow her to better assess the various needs of individuals so that she can better serve patients. On campus, Christine is an Executive Member for the Cancer and Patients Services, a Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisor, and a Research Assistant for Professor Deborah Nichols.



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