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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Winter 2012

Anna Roth '13

anna roth

Mentor: Alicia A. Southwell '87
Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights (Boston, MA)

Anna worked for the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights, an organization that treats refugee communities and survivors of torture holistically to provide care for a healthy body, mind and soul. As a patient navigator, Anna directly assisted clients through new client orientation, providing patients with crucial healthcare information, and following up with patients to ensure a continuing personal connection. She hoped to be much more accessible to the patients, relieving them of anxiety in trying to address their concerns when the staff is overstretched. Anna is extremely interested in global health and the impact that a holistic approach to improving a person's quality of life can impact our health care system. While this includes traditional clinical treatment, she would also like to help with developing employment skills, mental health resources, and educational materials to better navigate daily life.

Sarah Cashdollar '13

sarah cashdollar

Mentor: Tim Kraft '63
Colonias Development Council (Las Cruces, NM)

Sarah interned at the Colonias Development Council (CDC) in order to work with impoverished Mexican families in the Las Cruces region of New Mexico. She assisted in developing community mapping materials and interviewing Colonias residents about their home needs and concerns. Some of her side projects included working at the Community Gardens with the under-privileged children in the area and assisting the CDC staff in the coordination of community presentations on immigration services.  Sarah feels very strongly about the discrimination faced by many of the Mexican-American families and hopes to contribute her time and effort to the foundation of support for this under-resourced community.

Jacob Hickson '13

jacob hickson

Mentor: Lisa Damon
Nashville Prep Charter School (Nashville, TN)

Jacob interned at the Nashville Prep Charter School, a small, experiential school serving students from low-income neighborhoods in Nashville in grades 5 through 12. He assisted in reading groups, facilitating tutoring groups, conducting SAT prep, and coordinating the school's chess club. Additionally, he wrote write grants, conducted homework checks, and distributed newsletters to help the school run smoothly from the administrative end. Jacob hopes to cultivate strong individual relationships with the students to help them best achieve academic success. He is interested in education policy and feels passionately about the educational inequality many low-income American children face. By working at a reform-movement school, he hopes to become acquainted with a successful educational model that will help historically disadvantaged students succeed.

Patricia Barros '13

patricia barros

Mentor:Thomas Parker
Miami Coral Park High School (Miami, FL)

Patricia returned home to work at Miami Coral Park High School where she assisted the only college counselor at the facility working with a population of about 3,000 high school students. As an intern, Patricia worked directly with students in determining the best course to take prior to the college application process and what to do after graduation. The opportunities that she presented ranged from two- or four-year colleges to the different need-based and academic scholarships available to students. This process can be very daunting to high school seniors and juniors, which is why Patricia feels that she will be successful in bringing a sense of confidence, a great deal of information, and a ton of aspiration to the students at this very important time in their lives.

William Hernandez '13


Mentor: George "Chip" Bohlinger '63
National Coalition for the Homeless (Washington, DC)

William traveled to Washington, DC, to work for the National Coalition for the Homeless as a researcher, advocate, and lobbyist. He met with homeless communities to understand problems with an insider's perspective. Specifically, William worked on crime prevention, economic resourcing, and learning communal beliefs. He also spent one full day a week volunteering at a nearby homeless shelter. William believes that widespread homelessness is an issue that needs to be addressed and working directly in the population will allow him to best understand the problems faced by the homeless community. As an economics and government major, William hopes to become a legislator later on. He hopes that his work as an advocate for the homeless will translate into effective governmental policy.

Rochele Brown '13

rochele brown

Mentor: Bob Gans
International Rescue Committee (San Diego, CA)

Rochele worked at the International Rescue Committee, a refugee help organization committed to responding to humanitarian crises in San Diego, CA. As an intern, spent her time assisting refugees in their job search, guide refuges through the American public transportation system, teaching English, and working in the after school program. Many refugees come into the United States as "second class" people and are forced to remain in a cycle of poverty. As a child of immigrants, Rochele is particularly motivated to work with this population. By providing English language training and job preparation, she hopes to empower members of the refugee population to live a comfortable life in America.

Joyce Santos '13

joyce santos

Mentor: Pam Haering Freer
Public Counsel Law Center (Los Angeles, CA)

Joyce traveled home to Los Angeles to work at Public Counsel Law Center with the CARES Project, which serves individuals who are at the risk of becoming homeless. She provided Spanish translation services for the clientele and help to distribute information about legal services to homeless individuals. Additionally, she was involved in youth education workshops. Growing up in a low-income community in Los Angeles, Joyce is better acquainted with the problems of the population that she will be serving. There are many legal resources available to assist this community, but information about such resources is scarce. Joyce believes that access to proper legal resources should be available to all individuals, not only those who can afford them.

Desiree Deschenie '11


Mentor: Jennifer Murray '09
WISE (Lebanon, NH)

Desiree worked at WISE in the Upper Valley, an organization that provides various services, programming, training, and public policy planning that deal with domestic and sexual violence. As an intern, Desiree underwent training so she can most effectively assist the clientele. She also organized smaller, independent projects to engage members of the community in WISE's various services. She hopes that this internship will give her the tools to spread awareness of domestic violence in her home community because the services that WISE offers are not well known. She would like to see change on her Navajo reservation and will utilize this internship to help bring it about.

William Hirschefield '14

will hirschfield

Mentor: Ted Winterer '79
Los Angeles Sierra Club Inner City Outings (Los Angeles, CA)

William traveled to Los Angeles to work as an intern for LA Inner City Outings at the Sierra Club, which provides opportunities for urban youth to explore the natural world. William helped with elementary and secondary school science classes in Bell, Compton, and Paramount, CA, and work with an afterschool leadership group at Paramount High School for students interested in the outdoors and the ICO program. He also assisted teachers with field trips into wilderness areas and accompany hikes and camping trips. William sees that there is a larger societal trend that discourages young people from enjoying the outdoors. He hopes to reverse this trend by exposing inner-city youth to environments that they are not used to seeing. Many of these youth do not leave their neighborhoods, let alone visit the great outdoors. William wants to show his campers that there are always new opportunities to explore and new friendships to be made.


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