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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Summer 2012 DPCS Interns

Konrad von Moltke '15konrad

Mentor: Barlow Nelson '59
Fostering Food Security in the Inner-city
Intern and Publicist at Top Box Foods (Chicago, IL)

Konrad will be working for the recently founded hunger relief organization Top Box Foods. Based in Konrad's hometown of Chicago, this non-profit works with local churches and community organizations to provide cheap, high quality meats and vegetables for under-resourced populations. Konrad will, among other tasks, meet with pastors and other community leaders to encourage them to promote the program to members of their respective organizations, and even work with local chefs and customers to develop simple recipes to be included with the distributed food. Growing up in Chicago, Konrad was aware of the city's stark socioeconomic disparities and sees his DPCS internship opportunity as a chance to address the specific issue of food security. A varsity swimmer, Konrad has gained extensive service experience through his church youth group, mission trips, and mentoring opportunities with his high school. He is an economics and environmental studies major and sees his time at Top Box Foods as a preparatory experience for a future career in economic development.

Joanna Schneider '13joanna

Mentor: Brad Weeks '79
Counsel and Support for Under Resourced Patients
Clinical Intern at Country Doctor: Community Health Centers (Seattle, WA)< br />

Joanna will be working with Country Doctor: Community Health Centers (CDCHC) at their Carolyn Downs clinic. CDCHC is a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive, culturally appropriate primary health care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. As the first intern to work at CDCHC, Joanna will likely engage in a wide variety of activities including but not limited to patient navigation, leading educational workshops, and monitoring and maintaining follow-up communication with patients that undergo pap smears, immunizations, and colon cancer screenings. She hopes her experience in the clinic will prepare her for a career in medicine and public health and help her identify a specific professional path. In the past, Joanna has had the unique opportunity to volunteer at a women's medical clinic in India, while also working part-time with an orphanage and home for under-resourced children. Additionally, her impressive history mentoring youth through Big Brothers Big Sisters has provided her with leadership experience through the Tucker Foundation. For Joanna, a sociology major, this DPCS internship will be a culmination of her pre-medical and sociological studies as well as an opportunity for her to gain hands-on clinical experience in her pursuit of a career in medicine.

Therese Kienemund '15

Mentor: Mary Wertheim
Urban Youth Empowerment
Youth Supervisor at Renaissance EMS (Bronx, NY)

Renaissance Education, Music, and Sports (EMS) is a Bronx-based non-profit that aims to maximize the potential of the neighborhood's youth through music and sports programming. As a program supervisor, Therese will oversee groups during daily recreation and accompany them on educational trips around the city. Additionally, she hopes to use her extensive mentoring experience through the program's summer music and educational project. Therese recognizes the program's benefit to families who often have trouble finding child care during the summer months. As a German citizen, Therese also hopes that her DPCS internship experience will give her a deeper understanding of American culture. Therese's interest in this internship stems from her sensitivity to gender issues as she has served as a Chairperson for the Gender Sexuality XYZ group on campus. This sensitivity extends to her previous work with children in Swaziland, as she identified the importance of gender roles in youth development. Although she is only finishing her freshman year and has not yet identified a specific major, her personal and career goals include service to young people of whichever community she chooses to live in.

Alex Adelabu '15alex

Mentor: Jane & Paul Egner '59
Help and Hope for Houston's Homeless
Case Manager for the Homeless at The Beacon (Houston, TX)

Alex will spend his summer term working at the Beacon community center in Houston. Aiming to help restore dignity, self-respect, and hope to Houston's poor and homeless, the Beacon provides hot meals, clothing, private shower and lavatory facilities, laundry services, and case management services. As an volunteer, Alex will sit with individuals to discuss their situations and action they can take to find financial and residential stability. Additionally, he will assist with the laundry and meal services where hopes to have the chance to prepare traditional African dishes for the centers' visitors. Alex's efforts will improve the situation of some of Houston's over eight thousand homeless. Growing up in what he describes as "tough conditions", he feels he will be able to relate with visitors and develop bonds of trust. His desire to serve stems from his strong Christian faith as well as his future career goals. At Dartmouth, Alex is a standout member of the men's varsity soccer team as well and has participates in the on-campus Students for Africa Organization.

Jing Jiao '13jing

Mentor: Chuck Hobbie '67
Providing Legal Representation for Under-Resourced Groups
Legal Assistant at The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia is a federally funded organization comprised of attorneys dedicated to offer legal representation for under- resourced residents in the DC area. Jing will help the understaffed office by locating and interviewing witnesses, interviewing clients, taking detailed witness statements, performing extensive criminal background checks, serving subpoenas, testifying and preparing courtroom exhibits. After a week of training, she will work alongside the PDS's lawyers to facilitate the speedy and effective provision of legal counsel to those who cannot access it otherwise. Based on the ideology that wrongful conviction of one innocent person is more detrimental to society that the proper conviction of a hundred guilty criminals, PDS attempts to bridge the disparity in legal representation between socioeconomic classes. Jing's desire to serve with PDS and pursue a law degree stems from her "obsession with the American liberal legal tradition and its intrinsic defense of individual freedom." As she nears the end of their Dartmouth experience, Jing hopes her DPCS internship will be a sort of culminating experience where she will translate the idealism inspired by her coursework into real, hands-on service.

Racquel Bernard '13

Mentor: Allan Munro '59
A Helping Hand for the Homeless
Intern at The Upper Valley Haven (White River Junction, VT)

The Upper Valley Haven is a non-profit organization that aims to serve people struggling with poverty by providing food, shelter, education, clothing, and other support. Besides maintaining the shelter's food and clothing storage areas, Racquel will help the visitors navigate the Haven's resources. She will also engage in case management by listening to the needs of individual community members and connecting them with other workers. An African and African American studies major, Racquel hopes to one day bring educational resources to disadvantaged communities and expects that this internship will help her better understand the outside-of-the-classroom-factors that inhibit student success. Additionally, as a Christian, Racquel feels a duty to serve the poor and sees this internship as an opportunity to go beyond "the abstract world of religious dogma into real life application and obedience."

Ranya Brooks '13ranya

Mentor: Meg C. Frazier '87
Improving Access to Education
Volunteer Teacher at Horton's Kids (Washington, DC)

Horton's Kids is a non-profit organization located in the District of Columbia that focuses on improving children's access to educational resources in DC's Ward 8. As one of the organization's summer teachers, Ranya will work with approximately 12 students to improve their math and reading skills. In addition to her time in the classroom, Ranya will spend a few hours each week preparing lesson plans. Serving in area where the poverty rate is approximately 35% and educational resources are scarce, Ranya hopes that her efforts will provide youth with enough support and inspiration to pursue academic achievement. A Classics major, Ranya's life ambition is to revolutionize the American education system. Reflecting on the societal and personal importance of her DPCS experience, Ranya commented: "This internship will give me the opportunity to interact with and help members of a community that have very few resources...and get further on my path to changing if not the country's mentality then at least its system." As an employee of the Hanover After School Program and teacher at the Edlin School in Reston, Virginia, Ranya's past experiences have prepared her to confront the diverse challenges she will face in Washington, DC.

James Doernberg'15james

Mentor: John Zonis '87
Youth Empowerment in the Inner-City
Mentor and Sound Manager at Renaissance Education EMS (Bronx, NY)

Renaissance Education, Music, and Sports (EMS) is an organization based in the Bronx that uses educational, musical, and sports-related programming to help students in grades K-12 develop values such as discipline, perseverance, and self-empowerment. One of James' chief responsibilities will be to set up audio for the program's band. Additionally, he will help students manage the sound and video components for the program's "Teens Live to Tape" talk show. Statistics show that around 38% of students in the Bronx don't graduate from high school and that 40% live in poverty. In light of these figures, James believes that "personal growth comes from actively engaging" rather than simply being aware of the difficulties faced by disadvantaged communities. He hopes that DPCS will be a chance for him to spread his passion for education, music and sports and gain the necessary experience to one day form a youth empowerment program of his own.

Rodney Griffin '13rj

Mentor: Maurice Simmons '79
Inspirational Role Model in the Inner City
Mentor and Role Model at United Way of Delaware (Wilmington, DE)

United Way of Deleware (UWD) works to advance the common good by focusing on the three building blocks to a good life: Education, Income, and Health. A native of Delaware, Rodney will assist with UWD's Young Health Program. By encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors among the area's marginalized youth, this recently formed program will promote development and education for a chronically under-resourced population. Raised in a similarly under-resourced community, Rodney believes that his greatest asset in working with these youth will be his ability to relate to their situation. He will be a role model for success and living proof that academic achievement (even an Ivy League education) is in reach of those with the dedication to pursue it. Rodney is also a star player on the Dartmouth men's Basketball team and expects that this will also allow him to gain respect from and inspire the program's youth. Besides its impact on Wilmington's youth, this service as a DPCS intern will doubtless provide valuable preparatory experience for Rodney who plans on one day founding a non-profit organization of his own.

Roberto Guerrero '13roberto

Mentor: Charlie MacVean '59
Striving for Success in San Diego
Mentor and Role Model at Reality Changers (San Diego, CA)

Reality Changers aims to help disadvantaged, inner-city students attend college by providing tutoring, financial support, and leadership seminars. A graduate of the program, Roberto will return to Reality Changers not only as an intern, but also as a role model for the program's participants. He will have a wide range of responsibilities including helping students prepare for college visits in the San Diego area, organizing tutoring sessions, serving as mentor and counselor during the program's end-of-summer leadership camp, and even organizing a parade with the different colleges and universities in the San Diego area. Roberto's past involvement with the program assures him that his efforts will immediately and profoundly affect the students he serves. As a Hispanic Studies and Anthropology major, Roberto is interested in understanding how education can combat problems such as gang activity, socioeconomic marginalization, and general disillusion that exist in many Hispanic communities.

Harry Hawkins '13harry

Mentor: Betsy Burnham '84
Youth Empowerment through Education
Youth Mentor at A Place Called Home (Los Angeles, CA)

Located in South Central Los Angeles, A Place Called Home offers educational programs for the region's under-resourced youth. Widely known for its high rates of violence, low levels of income, and poor education system, this part of Los Angeles can be a challenging place in which to grow up. Harry will spend most of his time at the center working directly with youth in a variety of activities that will range from academic tutoring, to various sports and field trips. His responsibilities as both a mentor and a role model will fully immerse him in this challenging new environment. As a past mentor through SEAD, Harry will be able to use the experiences he has already gained as he works in a different city. Through this internship, Harry hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties encountered by youth in low-income communities. In the future, Harry hopes to go to medical school and eventually become a psychiatrist. Specifically, he hopes to use his medical skills in underserved communities and hopes that this DPCS internship will "magnify (his) drive to make a difference."

Elli Kim '13

Mentor: Tom Tomai '79
Empowerment through Education
Teacher at Breakthrough Collaborative (Manchester, NH)

Elli will be serving as a teacher of one academic course in science and of one elective course in either art history or journalism through Breakthrough Collaborative. This organization is located in various cities across the country. Its mission is to pair youth from under-resourced communities with high school and college students who have a heart for teaching. Elli will not only be fulfilling her capacity as teacher by creating her own curriculum of difference scientific concepts, but will also be serving as a role model and mentor for her students. She will be able to meet one-on-one with her students in an effort to better understand their unique situations and learning abilities. This internship promises to be a stepping-stone for Elli as it will challenge her to create her own demanding schedule, while also pushing her to prioritize the needs of each of her students. As a pre-medical student with an inclination towards an educational career, Elli believes that this internship is exactly what she needs this summer. She hopes to use the skills that she acquires through teaching in her future career, whether it is in a hospital or in a classroom.

Janet Kim '13janet

Mentor: Tomas Rossant '87
Youth Development and Community Outreach
Intern at New York Hall of Science (Queens, NY)

Janet will spend her summer term working on youth development, curriculum design assistance for local teachers, and community outreach for the New York Hall of Science. This organization is a hands-on science and technology educational center located in the heart of Queens that works to foster scientific interest among students, teachers, and families. Some of Janet's specific responsibilities will be designing and facilitating workshops for one of the Hall's summer youth programs, aiding local teachers who work as design fellows, and working with a community outreach program that targets children who often fall behind during the summer months. Janet feels that educational reform "must integrate critical innovation in order to access students that have been continuously and systematically marginalized." Her DPCS internship provides her a chance to translate the theories presented in her coursework & research into hands-on service. This service will provide important experience as she pursues a future career in education. Her time working for Dartmouth's Office of Pluralism and Leadership, youth education initiative Computers for Youth, game design non-profit Institute of Play, and her research as a Presidential Scholar with Tiltfactor have helped prepare her for this internship.

Jane Lu '13janet

Mentor: Michael Stern '59
Empowerment and Employment in the Inner-City
Intern and Youth Mentor at Youth Employment Services (New York, NY)

Youth Employment Services is an enrichment program that offers motivated youth from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to work in a professional office during the summer. As the YES intern, Jane will coordinate pre-employment screenings, training sessions, and employer follow-ups. Every Friday she will lead the group's participants on fieldtrips to different cultural sites around the city. She will also lead a weekend visit to Dartmouth. For most of the programs participants, this will be the first business internship they have ever had. Jane feels that the teens will "walk away (from the program) armed with workplace and communication skills that would make them better prepared for their future careers." Although Jane is taking pre-med courses and plans on attending medical school, she expects this internship will offer a chance for her to explore non-medical career fields where she can make a difference in under-resourced communities. Her experiences as Undergraduate Advisor for Dartmouth freshman, as Co-Chair of Upper Valley Money$mart, and Co-coordinator of the Nathan Smith Society have equipped her with the managerial and intrapersonal skills to inspire and shape the YES program participants.

Jennifer McGrew '13jennifer

Mentor: Matt Greene '90 & Howard Greene '59
Summer Enrichment and College Exploration Camp
Teacher at Dunbar College Preparatory Academy (Lubbock, TX)

Dunbar College Prep Academy is a middle school in the west Texas city of Lubbock that serves predominantly low income and minority students. Jennifer will assist teachers and provide help for students that are in need of extra attention. In a school where 50% of students are identified as ''at risk", Jennifer hopes she can inspire youth to make education a priority in their lives. Since she is from the community, Jennifer will be able to share her own experiences and challenge the "myth that minorities can't succeed and let the students know that college is a viable option for each and every one of them." Additionally, she feels that her familiarity with the students' situation will allow her to relate to them at a very personal level. Since coming to Dartmouth nearly three years ago, Jennifer has become increasingly interested in education reform. Having worked as the Co-organizer for the Dartmouth Alliance for Children of Color and Community Service Chair for the Afro-American Society, Jennifer will bring valuable leadership skills to her position as a DPCS intern.

Nikkita McPherson '13nikkita

Mentor: Patricia Furey '86
Empowerment through Education
Teacher & Intern at Breakthrough Collaborative Manchester (Manchester, New Hampshire)

As a teacher with the Manchester chapter of Breakthrough Collaborative, Nikkita will contribute to the organization's efforts to empower and encourage underserved, highly motivated middle- school-age students. Besides forty hours of weekly in-class instruction time, she will participate in extracurricular activities during the week and on weekends. Many of Nikkita's past experiences have prepared her to make a difference in her students' lives. In high school she would often talk with teachers to help them understand how problems at home or in the community caused certain students to struggle in the classroom. At Dartmouth, her experiences while participating in SEAD helped her become more open-minded, and hardworking. She also interned at the Bronx District Attorney's Office, but became disillusioned with the work and decided she would rather help find solutions instead of simply sending youth to prison. She sees education as fundamental solution to many of the problems faced by marginalized communities and has noted that "this internship will allow me to develop the skills necessary to become a positive, influential, and effective teacher."

Lily Michelson '15lily

Mentor: Thayer Adams '79
Post Foreclosure Eviction Defense Housing Clinic
Legal Assistant at Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA)

Lily's desire to volunteer with the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School stems from her interests in law and human rights that has blossomed during her first eight months at Dartmouth. As an intern at the Legal Services Center, she will work specifically the post-Foreclosure Eviction Defense Housing Clinic. Besides carrying out some basic office administrative duties, Lily will canvass local residents, attend local advocacy meetings, interview residents of post foreclosed homes, and answer questions at the front desk of the clinic. The organization serves under-resourced local tenants who face eviction by helping them understand their legal rights and resisting population-displacing gentrification. Most of the tenants she will serve are low income female immigrants with limited English speaking skills. Through this experience, Lily hopes to learn more about her own goals as she serves and feels that her time in Boston will be an "influential and life changing experience."

Erica Normandin '15erica

Mentor: Bob Thurer '67
Post Foreclosure Eviction Defense Housing Clinic
Intern at Boston Center for Refugees (Boston, MA)

Part of the Boston Medical Center, the Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights works to provide health care for refugees regardless of their ability to pay. In addition to this hands-on service, the Center does research and advocates human rights worldwide. Although Erica will perform administrative tasks within the Center, she will spend most of her time working directly with patients. She will interview new patients at the center, recording their stories and indicating where they should go for more assistance. Additionally, she will lead therapeutic activities such as art and gardening clubs. Erica plans on attending medical school in the future and hopes to one day work in a position that combines her passion for medicine with her love for foreign cultures. She sees her DPCS internship as a chance to confirm her professional interests and gain valuable service experience. Her time studying Arabic in Jordan and shadowing at the Concord Hospital have equipped her with the cultural sensitivity and responsibility her internship position will require.

Jennifer Ontiveros '15jennifer

Mentor: Pam Haering '87
Reaching Out to Under-Resourced Youth
Intern at College Match (Los Angeles, CA)

College Match is a non-profit organization that strives to provide students of low-income backgrounds with the resources to apply to college and become leaders in their communities. As an intern, Jennifer will work directly with students to help them prepare for the college application process. Her desire to volunteer with College Match is a product of her positive experience with the program during her own High School years. She feels that her experiences growing up in an under-resourced part of LA will allow her to identify with students and understand the difficulties they confront. Although she has not yet decided on a major or specific career, Jennifer aspires to make a difference in under-resourced communities by directing more resources to organizations like College Match. Besides her previous exposure to College Match, Jennifer's work as a Staff Assistant with the Boys and Girls Club of East Los Angeles and as a teacher's assistant for Los Angeles's Early Head Start education program has prepared her for this DPCS internship.

Thomas Prewitt '13thomas

Mentor: Gil Rosenthal '90
Medical Relief Effort
Intern at Denver rescue Mission (Denver, CO)

The Denver Rescue Mission (DMR) is a Christian organization in the Denver area that provides free food, shelter, and medical services as well as counseling and career development resources for the area's homeless. In addition to processing eyeglass orders and organizing the clinic's appointment schedule, Thomas will shadow the volunteer physicians who work at the center and help in the evaluation process. Additionally, he will be living in the center's shelter which will give him extensive personal contact with clients and allow him to offer encouragement and support. Thomas believes that his experiences as an offensive lineman for the Dartmouth varsity football team have taught him discipline and given him the ability to respond well to setbacks. A Religion major, Thomas is also fulfilling pre-med requirements and plans to attend medical school in the near future. Reflecting on DPCS experience and his career plans, Thomas commented that this summer will "provide a great perspective on a part of medicine that I might otherwise not get to experience." Additionally, he has a passion for community service and is excited about the prospect of seeing the inner-workings of a non-profit organization.

Theresa "Reese" Ramponi '13theresa

Mentor: Delia Gorman '10
Reintegration and Service for Troubled Youth
Intern at Children's Aid Society (New York, NY) 

Reese will spend her summer term as an intern with Lasting Investments in Neighborhood Connections (LINC). Run by New York City's Children's Aid Society, LINC coordinates with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to help youth reenter society after incarceration. Most of these youth come from low-income families and struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse, violence, or mental illness. Reese will be a "crew assistant" meaning she will supervise youth during group work projects and facilitate post-service discussion groups. It is likely that many of the teens will resist participation in the program, but Reese will work to develop "friendliness and trust". Her experiences as a volunteer English teacher in Peru and working with inmates in the upper valley have prepared her to face the unique challenges this internship will present. In the future, Reese plans on earning a PhD in Psychology and then using these skills to serve underprivileged communities. Her DPCS experience will give her firsthand experience with many of the issues this future career will likely involve.

Rebecca Schneyer '13rebecca

Mentor: Nancy Woolf '86
Welcoming Patients and Fostering Literacy
Child Life and Community Literacy Volunteer at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital (New York, NY)

Rebecca will spend this summer as a volunteer at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center. The hospital works with a wide range of patients many of whom come from neighboring low-income neighborhoods like Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill and Riverside. Rebecca will spend most of her time at the hospital working as a Child Life volunteer, helping patients and families feel welcome at the center. Additionally, she will have a dual role as a Community Literacy volunteer in the hospital's Reach Out and Read and HEAL programs. In these positions, she will read with patients and help parents understand the importance of books in children's lives. Rebecca is a pre-med student and has worked as a lab assistant in the Dartmouth Psychology and Brain Sciences department as well as an intern in the pediatric anesthesiology department at Columbia Medical Center. Although she values these past experiences, she is excited for her DPCS internship as it will allow her to "step away from the medicine and simply interact with the patients."

Emma Smith'13emma

Mentor: Stephanie Lewin '88
Connecting Immigrants and Employers
Refugee Employment Intern at International Rescue Committee (Washington, DC)

As an intern at the International Rescue Committee, Emma will help immigrants find employment in the Washington, DC area. Often fleeing violence or dead-end economic situations, many refugees come to the United States without the English speaking abilities or personal connections to find jobs. She will drive employment-seeking immigrants to and from interviews, help them navigate the public transportation system, and assist them with often-confusing paperwork. She will also reach out to community businesses that might be interested in hiring refugees. Emma is excited by the prospect of engaging in service that helps not only American society, but also the broader global community. She plans on pursuing a career that will allow her to work with refugees in conflict or post-conflict area and will pursue a Masters of Law in Human Rights, Conflict, and Justice from the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. Driven by the Afrikaans philosophy of ubuu which states "I am a person only because of other persons", Emma hopes to grow spiritually and personally as she is humbled by the experiences of those she feels called to serve.

Monica Stretten'15monica

Mentor: Janine M. Avner '80
Inspiring Native American Youth
Youth Mentor at American Indian Resource Program (Irvine, CA)

UC Irvine's American Indian Resource Program (AIRP) seeks to serve Native American students of all of ages. Monica is a member of the Chickahominy tribe and participated in AIRP's summer programs in high school and was strengthened by the support and encouragement that the program's mentors offered. Now working as a mentor herself, she will assist students as they engage in a variety of in-field projects, lead discussion groups for participants to reflect on their experiences, and organize a wide range of cultural activities. Monica is on the pre-med track at Dartmouth and hopes to one day become a physician for the Indian Health Service which provides free health-care to tribal communities and feels that her DCPS internship will help her understand the big picture problems Native people face. She is excited to inspire her mentees and help them form goals they previously thought unobtainable. Her past experiences as a volunteer with Dartmouth's Dominican Republic Alternative Spring Break trip and as an intern at the Dartmouth Undergraduate Admissions Office have also prepared her for this internship.

Matt Sturm '13matt

Mentor: Timothy Schmidt '87
Pedaling to Empowerment
Intern at Recycle-A-Bicycle (Brooklyn, NY)

Recycle-A-Bicycle (RAB) is a Brooklyn based bike shop and non-profit organization that facilitates job training and environmental education for the area's youth. As a summer intern, Matt will engage in a wide variety of activities including teaching kids to ride bikes, working with high school students to encourage them to engage in their communities, running volunteer nights, and completing administration work for the organization. He is excited by the prospect of using bikes to empower and address problems faced by the area's under-resourced youth. Besides playing on the Women's Club Rugby Team, Matt has worked as the Sustainability Intern for the Sustainability Office, engaged in the Diversity Peer Program, and participated in Bike and Build. These experiences have not only inspired his interest in sustainability, bicycles, and service but have armed him with the responsibility and sensitivity to be an outstanding intern. Post Dartmouth, he plans on pursuing a career in the non-profit sector and living a modest, service-based life.

Katelyn Walker '14katelyn

Mentor: Bill Boyle '59
Helping the Haven's Homeless
Intern at Upper Valley Haven (White River Junction, VT)

The Haven is a shelter that services both Vermont and New Hampshire by providing extended temporary shelter to homeless families and individuals. As an intern, Katelyn will work extensively with the shelter's visitors. Additionally, feels that the diversity of her responsibilities will afford her the unique opportunity to understand the various parts of NGO organization and administration. Katelyn is no stranger to community service as she spent her Thanksgiving and winter breaks volunteering at Fairfax elementary in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also a member of the women's varsity cross country team and spent summer 2011 working in her local representative's congressional office. Katelyn is deeply interested in issues of social justice and plans on ultimately founding her own NGO to aid marginalized communities. She firmly believes that "through continued service and advocacy for institutional change it is possible to discover ways to alter structures, institutions and landscapes in order to lessen disparities and injustice."


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