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Tucker Student Spotlight

Eliza Rockefeller '17

Eliza Rockefeller
Assistant for Multi-Faith Programs

Major: Religion Major and Studio Art Minor

Hometown: New York City, NY

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Current DPCS Interns

Ke Deng '17
Major: Geography and Economics

CSO:Compass Family Service
San Francisco, CA

DPCS InternCompass Family Services is an organization that provides resources for families in danger of losing their homes while helping homeless families find homes. They focus on providing mentors to help families work on education and employment goals, with the goal of becoming economically self-sufficient. Ke will be working with Compass' "Connecting Point" program which responds to emergencies by providing eviction prevention, health care, emergency shelters, child care and educational programs. Ke has volunteered with SHARE family services, an organization similar to Compass, in the past and is excited to contribute to the childcare and education services at Compass to help address the issue of homelessness in society. She is geography and economics double major and is also interested in exploring the practical, real world applications of these fields in connection to financial empowerment and non-profits.


Kassaundra Amann '16
Major: Biology

CSO: University of Utah Hospital Department of OB/Gyn,
VA Medical Center and Shriners Hospital for Children
Salt Lake City, UT

DPCS 15W internKassie will be working at three non-profit hospitals with children, veterans and families in need of financial assistance to pay for healthcare. She will have several roles- at University of Utah, Kassie will be working with expectant mothers as part of a study that provides additional medical care, and at the VA medical center, she will be serving elderly veterans and their families and helping them with their daily needs. At Shriners Hospital, Kassie will be providing support for the children and their families. She hopes to further the work she started in high school as part of the group she started-Husky Hospital Helpers. She hopes that she will be able to build relationships with patients, and be present to understand their situations and provide support by listening. She aims to be a physician in the future and she hopes this experience will enable her to truly connect with patients on a more personal level and work toward bringing more humanity back to healthcare.


Alexandra Dalton '16
Major: Biology, minor in Computer Science

CSO: Mission Neighborhood Health Center
San Francisco, CA

DPCS 15W InternThe Mission Neighborhood Health Center (MNHC) seeks to advocate for health equity and provide patient-centered care while honoring and respecting the Latino culture of its patient base in order to provide a holistic clinical experience. MHNC also provides health services at several free clinic sites. Ali will be serving as a patient navigator, translating in Spanish for patients, assisting with patient outreach and organizing presentations on the importance of good nutrition. Ali has worked as a volunteer for Dartmouth Cancer and Patient Services, a research assistant at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and as a crisis line worker for a youth crisis emergency hotline. Ali hopes to be a physician in the future, and this internship will allow her to make meaningful connections with patients, support patients when they are vulnerable and develop a deeper understanding of the effect of cultural disparities and patient satisfaction with healthcare.


Tien Truong '16
Major: Geography, minor in Women's and Gender Studies

CSO: Julian Street Inn
San Jose, CA

DPCS 15W internThe Julian Street Inn is part of the InnVision Shelter Network that aims to provide support and a shelter for the homeless, and enable the families and individuals it serves to return to permanent housing and self-sufficiency. Their "Beyond the Bed" model focuses on providing case management, financial literacy, child services and housing and job search assistance. The Julian Street Inn specifically serves homeless adults diagnosed with mental illnesses, a demographic that is often neglected and cycled through the criminal justice system. Tien will be working in the shelter, assisting residents with daily tasks, providing emotional support and providing job skills seminars. Tien hopes to build personal relationships with the residents, understand and listen to their stories and connect with those who are often overlooked in society. In the future, she hopes to work with a non-profit organization and hopes this internship will give her experience, but also a chance to serve a marginalized group and address the issue of homelessness in society.


Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga '16
Major: Comparative Literature and Linguistics

CSO: International Rescue Committee
San Diego, CA

DPCS 15W InternThe International Rescue Committee (IRC) aids refugees directly all over the world, helping them to assimilate into a new country. The IRC in San Diego, CA offers several programs, but Evelyn will be working specifically within the Center for Financial Opportunity to help adult refugees find employment and be financially self-sufficient. Evelyn will be tutoring refugees in English and assisting Vocational English as a Second Language instructors in the classroom. She will also help the refugees write resumes, search for jobs and practice mock interviews. She hopes to empower refugees to flourish in a new country, and overcome the language barrier to become independent, self-sufficient members of society. As a linguistics major with a specific interest in second language acquisition, she also hopes this internship will allow her to understand how to teach language to adults from a wide variety of socioeconomic and linguistic backgrounds and facilitate their transition into a foreign country. Learning English is directly tied to one's ability to find work and thus, their livelihood. This program aids in this process through investment in the lives of these refugees.


Ivy Shen '16, Winter 2015
Major: Neuroscience, minor in Global Health

CSO: Boston Health Care for the Homeless
Boston, MA

DPCS 15W InternBoston Health Care for the Homeless aims to provide high quality health care for all homeless men, women and children in the Boston area. Doctors, social workers and volunteers help to fulfill this mission by setting up daily clinics in soup kitchens and shelters. Ivy will be traveling with the team to soup kitchens, transitional housing, and battered women's shelters in Boston to provide patients with information, resources and follow-up support tailored to their situations. Ivy has worked with the homeless through annual Thanksgiving dinners at her church and as the chair for Students Fighting Hunger at Dartmouth College, where she runs a group of student volunteers who cook for hundreds of low-income, disabled and elderly community members in the Upper Valley each week. She hopes to help these patients by providing hope for a better future through medical care for their physical needs and by listening to support these patients emotionally. She hopes to be a physician in the future and she hopes this internship will help her understand the daily life of a doctor, serve patients in need, and make a difference in their lives.


Rita Tu '16, Winter 2015
Major: Engineering Sciences

CSO: Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center
National City, CA

DPCS 15W InternOlivewood Gardens and Learning Center is an organic garden and instructional kitchen that aims to empower students and families to be healthy and active through hands-on cooking lessons, gardening science education, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education. Olivewood Gardens specifically focuses on addressing childhood obesity through youth educational programs, such as Cooking for Salud. Rita will be supporting the elementary school field trip program, planning and leading for daily cooking lessons, and designing healthy recipes. Rita hopes to help address the issues of food security and good nutrition, especially among socioeconomically disadvantaged families, and help students understand the importance of a healthy diet. She is a chemical engineering major and aspires to be a flavorist or food engineer. This experience in an organic garden will allow her to learn about the organic movement's opposition to non-organic foods, which are perspectives that she hopes to keep in mind as she pursues her interest in food engineering.


Carene Mekertichyan '16
Major: Theater

CSO: Harlem School of the Arts
New York, NY

DPCS 15W InternThe Harlem School of the Arts provides an after-school arts education to students under the age of 18 who don't have access to arts resources. The school primarily serves the Hamilton Heights area of New York City, an underserved community that does not receive much support from the city. As an intern, Carene will assistant teach in the Theater Department and help with the production and marketing of various programming such as the reading series performances and an upcoming documentary. Carene loves theater and has been involved extensively in acting, writing, stage management, and technical production at Dartmouth. She is grateful for the arts education she received and hopes to use her love of theater and the arts to help others find their own home in the arts community.


Lawrence Shelven Jr. '17
Major: Biomedical Engineering

CSO: Top Box Foods
Chicago, IL

DPCS 15W InternTop Box Foods aims to provide healthy, high-quality and heavily discounted foods to communities where nutritious food is very scarce. The organization serves "food deserts," communities with a dearth of healthy food, including a lack of grocery stores, and reaches out to houses of worship, community groups and schools. Lawrence will be helping with food deliveries and interacting with clients. Lawrence sees his work with Top Box Foods as his opportunity to take responsibility for addressing the lack of healthy food availability in underserved areas. He is studying biomedical engineering, and thus aims to work for the betterment of public health.  His work with Top Box Foods will allow him to directly interact with the community to better understand the issues of nutrition and food availability, providing a different, less academic and more community based perspective on the issues.


Hersh Trivedi '16
Major: Neuroscience

CSO: Communities in Schools of the Dallas Region, Inc
Dallas, TX

DPCS 15W InternCommunities In Schools of the Dallas Region, Inc. aims to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. The service model takes into account the physical and emotional wellness of the child, and thus works with at-risk children through an individualized case-management approach. Hersh will be designing and implementing a dance curriculum and holding dance workshops with the children, working toward the culminating experience of a final performance. He will also be tutoring students in SAT, ACT and college preparation. Hersh has been involved with dance since coming to college and was the director of Ujima/SAUSSY this past summer term. He hopes that his dance classes will give students an outlet to talk through their experiences and feel the excitement of preparing for and successfully executing a performance. He hopes to serve as a mentor for these students and share his passion for music and dance.


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