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Tucker Foundation
6154 South Fairbanks Hall
Hanover, NH
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Tucker Student Spotlight

 Brett Losen '14

Brett Losen '14
Foundation Office Assistant

Majors: Classics, minor in Biology

Hometown: Calmar, IA

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Matt Sattler '14

Matt Sattler '14
Matt Sattler '14


Cazenovia, NY (a tiny town in Upstate New York outside Syracuse)

Campus Involvements:
Dartmouth EMS, Anthropology research, Presidential Scholars research

Past Tucker involvements:
Big Brother, Big Sister volunteer and co-chair. I also started working as an Office Assistant my sophomore fall and have continued in that position until now.

How have your Tucker experiences affected you?
My experiences with Tucker have definitely had a huge impact on me. I knew I loved working with kids prior to my time with BBBS, but my ongoing work with the program, combined with some other experiences I've had at Dartmouth, helped me to realize that pediatrics may actually be a field I'm interested in pursuing. My time exploring the Upper Valley with my little sib showed me that there is so much more to being at Dartmouth than simply being on campus (it helped me burst the "Dartmouth bubble"), and was a huge factor in decided I would like to stay in Hanover. My work as an Office Assistant has taught me how much work really goes into making all the awesome volunteer work that Tucker supports happen, and it's given me an appreciation for the people who work in the background to make things happen. I've met so many awesome people through my work with Tucker who have helped me develop as a person, and I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't be attending Geisel following my graduation were it not for my experiences with Tucker.

What would you say to a student who is looking to get involved in Tucker?
There are so many opportunities to get involved at Tucker. You don't even have to know exactly what kind of service you're interested in performing to start getting involved. Just come in and talk to someone who works here about your interests and they'll be happy to direct you to a program that could fit your strengths and passions, and if there isn't one yet, they'll even be able to help you start one. If you do have an idea about how you might want to get involved, just go to some info sessions at the start of the term and see if you think you'd be a good fit. It's never too late to get involved!

What is one fun fact about you?
I can produce poorly sung lyrics to most Beatles songs upon request.


*Matt, along with two other Tucker Student Leaders (Emily Dollar and Neil Bhatt) received early acceptance to the Geisel School of Medicine this spring! A written article congratulating Matt, Emily and Neil was published in the June 2013 edition of Tucker Points.

Last Updated: 7/24/13