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Tucker Foundation
6154 South Fairbanks Hall
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-3350
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Tucker Student Spotlight

 Will Buell '17

Will Buell  '17
Student Volunteer

Majors: Geography modified with Economics

Hometown: Auburn, CA

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2013-2014 Student Directors & Foundation Interns

Student Directors

Michael Berger '14
Student Director for OLE

Jalil Bishop '14
Student Director for SEAD

Katie Chung '14
Student Director for Internships & Fellowship

Seanie Civale '14
Student Director for Dartmouth Partners in Community Service (DPCS)

Cody Cushing '14
Student Director for DREAM

Emily Dollar '14
Student Director for Public Relations (13F)
Student Director of the Tucker Foundation (14W, 14S)

Jenni Gargano '14
Director of On-going Contact for SEAD

Reuben Hurst '12
Student Director for DPCS Post-Graduate Fellowships

Mary Ivancic '14
Student Director for Conversations That Matter (13F, 14W)

Jordan Keehn '15
Student Director for Language In Motion (LIM)

Tev'n Powers '14
Student Director for Alternative Spring Break Trips (ASB)

Kali Pruss '14
Student Director for America Reads

Yesuto Shaw '15
Student Director for Conversations That Matter (14S)

Margaret Rowland '14
Student Director of Religious and Spiritual Life (13F, 14W)

Molly Thornton '14
Student Director for Tucker Leaders in Community (TLC)

Caitlin Veator '14
Student Director for Big Brother Big Sister

Janice Yip '15
Student Director for CCESP Nicaragua


Foundation Interns

Katie Bonner '15
Office Assistant (13F)

Tanya Budler '15
Foundation Intern for Local Service and Assessment (14S)

Shane Burke '16
Office Assistant (14W)

Allison Carswell '17
Office Assistant

Anne Huang '16
Office Assistant (13F, 14W)

Terren Klein '17
Foundation Intern for Multi-Faith Conversations (14S)

Brett Losen '14
Office Assistant

Cynthia Madu '15
Foundation Intern for Faculty Engagement (13F)

Yesha Maniar '14
Foundation Intern for Fellowships and Internships

Andrew Nalani '16
Foundation Intern for Community-Based Learning (CBL)

Kevin Nguyen '15
Building Manager

Emily Okun '16
Foundation Intern for Local Service and Assessment (13F, 14W)

Marylynne Sitko '16
Foundation Intern for Religious and Spiritual Life

Katie Trinh '16
Foundation Intern for Communications

Laura Vang '15
Office Assistant (13F)

Autumn White Eyes '14
Office Assistant (14S)

Felicia Wilkins '15
Foundation Intern for Public Relations


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