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Free Electron Laser, Associated Components & Methods and Terahertz Laser Components & Associated Methods

Extensive technology to generate and detect waves or vibrations across the electromagnetic spectrum exists. However, there is a dearth of technology in the far infrared ("FIR") gap between infrared light and millimeter-wavelength microwaves. In the FIR gap, various sources and detectors do exist, but they generally lack intensity, frequency-tuning ability, and/or stability.

Dartmouth inventors have developed a free-electron laser ("FEL") employing the Smith-Purcell effect to generate high-intensity, tunable, and stable FIR radiation. The radiation is sufficiently collimated that the need for additional conventional optics is avoided. Instead, the system utilizes one or more grating horns, which facilitate use as a portable unit. The laser output may further be narrowband, polarized, continuous or pulsed. Non-ionizing Terahertz radiation produced by these devices may be used, for example, in medical imaging, security screening, quality control, chemical spectroscopy, astronomy, and communications.

These technologies are claimed in the published United States Patent Application No. 10/529,343, and in published PCT Application No. PCT/US2006/028066. We are seeking an industrial partner interested in licensing and commercializing this technology. (J252, J329)

Last Updated: 7/24/12