Founded in the fall of 2013 by Kendall Farnham '14, Nicolina Mascia '15, and Sara Heard '15, we are a student-run club team and welcome all members of the Dartmouth community--though we are predominantly made up of undergraduate students. Sprints are our primary focus, often competing against other colleges, though we also compete in Olympic and Half Ironman events as well as duathlons and relays. Individuals have gone on to compete in Ironman and ITU World Triathlon Series.

Mission Statement

The Dartmouth Triathlon Team aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for Dartmouth students of all abilities who are interested in training for and racing in triathlons. We strive to foster a supportive and positive team spirit that celebrates all types of success. The Dartmouth Triathlon Team empowers its members to pursue athletic achievement while also providing leadership opportunities as a student-run team.

Our site

Our website is tailored for students and alumni who want to learn more about us:

  • Check out our current team leadership and roster here

  • Find out our practice times, future races, or when we have team meetings here

  • For alumni, learn about how to donate money to our team here

  • Contact us here so that we can answer any questions you might have about our team

  • Check out our facebook page and follow us on instagram (@dartmouthtriathlon)!

    Our Current Team

    2016-2017 School Year

    Carly Tymm '20


    Sonia Rowley '19


    Tucker Evans '19


    Jim Anderson


    Jeff Reed '76



    Brandt Slayton '18

    Valentina Sedlacek '18

    Katie Clayton '18

    Abigail Baldwin '18

    Fiona Bowen '18

    Matthew Goff '18

    Arielle Isaacson '18

    Emma Sklarin '18

    Erin Connolly '18

    Sarah Darwin '18

    Charlotte Evans '19

    Catherine Rocchi '19

    Andrea Sedlacek '20

    Anna Petty '20

    Russell Stewart '20

    Andrew Shedd '21

    Emily Martinez '21

    Hannah Lang '21

    Liz Cook '21


    Moises Chavez GR

    Steph Jump GR

    Peter Blum '18

    Adina Harri '18

    Kennedy Jensen '18

    Daniel Lee '18

    Katharina Horn '19

    Evan Wetzel '19

    Jonathan Gilboff '20

    Katherine Kane '20

    Nick Pellet '20

    Emma Rodriguez '20

    Aly Milich '21

    Amber Zimmerman '21

    Amelia Ockert '21

    Annie Yanofsky '21

    Berit Svenson '21

    Charlotte Driscoll '21

    Claudia Durbin '21

    Cole Mollard '21

    Eashwar Sivarajan '21

    Ella Dobson '21

    Grace Stillwell '21

    Jackson Danis '21

    Jessica Rosien '21

    Julia Gergely '21

    Julianne Mehra '21

    Kiera Klinsky '21

    Philip Wolf '21

    Rahul Varma '21

    Sam Lefkofsky '21


    This is our current schedule for the term. Practices, dinners, races, and more are included below.


    As a club sport, the Dartmouth Triathon Team depends on the generosity of alumnae and friends to raise funds for financial aid, gear, race expenses, and more. Your greatly-appreciated support helps our team to grow and stay competitive!

    Follow these steps to give to the Triathlon team:

    1. Click here to go to the Dartmouth athletics donation webpage.


    3. Choose "Friends of Triathlon Club" under the Club Sports menu.

    4. Enter your gift amount and personal info. All done!

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