Integrative Biology

Resource Team

Jason H. Moore, PhD
Angeline S. Andrew, PhD
Mark Borsuk, PhD
Eugene Demidenko, PhD
Scott A. Gerber, PhD
Craig R. Tomlinson, PhD

The Integrative Biology Shared Resource is integral to the Superfund Research Program (SRP) at Dartmouth College and across the Northeast. We have assembled a team of experts in bioinformatics, biostatistics, genomics, molecular epidemiology and a team of talented support staff. The Integrative Biology Team works with Superfund investigators to improve understanding of the role of toxic metals in human health and disease. We do this

  • By fostering multidisciplinary and collaboration approaches to research among Superfund investigators
  • By providing technical support in quantitative and molecular sciences

The Integrative Biology Share Resource Team's efforts are organized into four aims:

Communications. Integrating the bioinformatics, biostatistics, genomics and proteomics groups at Dartmouth by coordinating communications about and development of resources, methodologies, tools and training.

Collaboration. Supporting environmental health and toxicology research by providing a multi-disciplinary team of faculty experts in bioinformatics, biostatistics, genomics, and proteomics available for collaboration, consultation and technical assistance. Software. Developing, implementing, and supporting software, databases and other resources for interpretation of complex data, and doing this across Dartmouth SBRP projects and across SBRP sites. Education. Facilitate education and training of Superfund students, post doctoral fellows, and investigators in Integrative Biology approaches to their research.

*Integrative Biology Flowchart *(link to PDF file that can be printed in 1 page).

The Integrative Biology Shared Resource is working closely with Superfund investigators to establish a seamless pipeline for “onomics” experiments.