Library Exhibits

One of our goals is to educate people of all ages about the affects of toxic metals on ecosystems and human health. An effective way of teaching children this information is through interactive library exhibits. Our Community Engagement Core and Reserach Translation Core and prepares and sets up educational exhibits on current events and public health issues at town libraries.

During the summer of 2010, we set up several simple exhibits at Howe Library in Hanover, NH. The first was an interactive exhibit for young children on different sea animals (e.g., jellyfish, crabs, sand dollars), which included fact sheets and aquariums filled with a variety of sea creatures. The second exhibit covered the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. We provided background information on the spill in a language that most elementary school aged children could easily comprehend. The information packet also had simple earth-saving tips, such as “never put oil down the sink because it can end up in water systems near you and harm the creatures that live there.” Children were also able to perform simple experiments to show how oil coats feathers and fur.

We are available to prepare exhibits on:

  • The importance of regular private well testing;
  • The presence of arsenic in well water and the effects of arsenic on human health; or
  • The bioaccumulation of mercury in aquatic food webs and marine ecosystems.

Feel free to contact us to discuss other ideas you may have for an interactive, educational exhibit! Please email either Laurie Rardin or Michael Paul for more information.